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Complete Installation of all FRILO-Programs for Software-Service-Agreement Customers.

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 Frilo.System.Next (Installation, configuration ...)


   Current Release 2017-2

    Frilo.System.Next.msi                    Version: 4.2017.515 Build 2  


The new release is installed by the built-in download manager Frilo.System.Next.msi. The size of the download file is very small. After downloading, install this download manager (double click on the file). Then start Frilo.System.Next by clicking the program icon on the desktop. In the Frilo.System.Next dialog a green "update release" button displays, that a new release is available for download (if the release check ist activated). Click the button to display information about the new release, and - if you want to install the release - click the "Install new release" button.

Note: Releases since 2015-1 will not run under Windows XP!!

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