Release-Download for Software-Maintenance-Contract customers

The latest release can be downloaded and installed without special registration. During installation, the license will be updated automatically.

If new applications were bought in the period between the release and the download a new license (the new applications must be listed in the license) has to be installed:

Start Frilo.System.NextFrilo.Configuration (right mouseclick)Service-FunctionsLicense AdministrationSearch (license-file)

You can also install the new license via "drag&drop" into the Frilo.System.Next-window.

A new license will be delivered with the installation-CD. You can also chose delivery via mail if you have registered for SMC-Online.


Register for Release-Download (SMC-Online)

ServiceSMC-CustomersRegister for Release-Download.

Follow the instructions.

Confirmation: You will get a FRILO-email with a confirmation-form. Please print this form and enter the required data. Please deliver this form by fax.

FAX: +49 711 858020.


Delivery of the license via e-mail

After registration and confirmation of the "license delivery via mail" you can buy new applications and chose the mail-option. The license (*.ccr file) will be delivered as ZIP-file.


Automatic Update

A green "Install Update" Button in the Frilo.System.Next-window shows up if a new release is online (Internet release check must be activatetFrilo.System.NextFrilo.Configuration (right mouseclick)Service-FunctionsPersonal settingsOptions-1). Click this button to see the major update-informations. Then you have the option to install the new release.