B5 | Reinforced Concrete Column | Update Information

Version 01/18


Technical adjustment

Version 02/17


Additional check of the minimum reinforcement for slender walls according to DIN EN 1992-1-1/NA, paragraph 9.6.3


Correction for fire protection according to EN 1991-1-2 (method A).

Version 01/17


Structural fire design according to equation 5.7 (method A):
According to the DBV circular, columns with dimensions b/h > 1.5 are to be expected with the notional value b/h = 1.5

Version 02/16


BS EN 1992:2015 and DIN EN 1992:2015 implemented.


The artificial reduction of the stiffness has been reduced in combination with reinforcement ratio less than 2% to a sudden failure.

Version 01/16


Fire design according to method A:
The fire resistance reset is fixed (reopening of the dialog).
Geometrical information in the output when width / height > 1.5

Shear force design:
In case of an accidental load without a leading accidental combination the wrong shear force design is fixed.

Version 02/15


DIN EN 1992:2013 implemented.
Data transfer to FD+: It can be chosen either a new or linked item.


Remark to minimum eccentricity according to 6.1(4) for all cases of reinforcement.
The user can set the number of the start page.

Version 01/15


The fire protection for the Reinforced Concrete Column can be calculated also with the simplified method according to EN 1992-1-2 Table 5.2a

Version 01/14E


Load transfer to FD+: In some cases the values of surface loads were passed with high values.

Version 01/14D


Problem with message "...end of file... und file already open" fixed.

Version 01/14B

No automatic calculation when activating the Save option

When you start B5 in FriloStart or the Frilo.Control.Center, the saving function does no longer trigger the automatic calculation.
When launching the software in the Frilo.Document.Designer, saving will imply automatic calculation also in the future in order to ensure the update of the structural analysis document.

Correction of the stiffness calculation

Stiffness with the internal action curves for the determination of the internal forces:
According to the current interpretation, only the design values based on the characteristic values of the yield strength and the breakage strength are taken into account for the internal action curves of the steel (design values were based on average values before). This produces slightly lower stiffness for highly loaded cross sections (Eurocode DIN EN 1992).

Modification of the serviceability

In the previous versions, stiffness was reduced also in the serviceability verification of columns with a small reinforcement ratio. This applies now only to the bearing strength verification (to prevent sudden failure when slightly changing the loading or the geometry).

Version 01/14

Enhancement for fire design

Restraint of hinged columns under fire; loading can be defined separately for the top and bottom supports. If a restraint on bottom was defined, you can optionally dispense with the top support under fire action. General hinged columns are now available.

Modification of the design according to Eurocode, figure. 3.1.7

For the design based on the parabola-rectangle diagram in the Eurocode (3.1.7) a continuously elastic behaviour of the reinforcing steel is now assumed as with DIN 1045-1 (DAfStb, booklet 220

Version 02/13


The calculation of the minimum reinforcement in accordance with the Comments to Eurocode 2 for Germany, para. 9,2,2(1), p. 150 is now optionally available for selection.


In some cases, alternative load groups have not been taken into account when transferring data to the foundation application program. This omission has been corrected.

Version 01/13

Bending moments

Factor c will be set between 8 and 10 depending on the curvature distribution, chapter (4)

Eurocode Design

Option minimum eccentricity from chapter 6.1 (4) can be disabled

Version 03/10

Graphics at universal column

In graphics of universal columns the drawing of cross section belongs to the choosen column section

superposition according to EN 1990, 6.10 a or b

At EN2-NEN, EN2-NBN and EN2-CSN the superposition according to EN 1990, 6.10 a or b was implemented

Minimum reinforcement for walls at DIN 1045-1-2008

From this version minimum reinforcement for walls will be be calculated for slim walls to 0,3 % and for compact walls to 0,15 %

Correction: Calculation of imperfection for multi-storey columns

At multi-storey columns the imperfection for column length more then 900cm was not correctly calculated. This problem is fixed in this version.

Not wanted excentritiy EN2 ÖNorm

The not wanted excentritiy ea has been set in this code to minimum 2 cm. From this version there is no minimum setting for not wanted excentrity

Version 02/10E

Correction: Output support reactions

At the output of the support reactions it could happen, that some support reaction values were shown as 0. This problem is fixed in this version.

Version 02/10D

Correction: Announcement of needed reinforcement at fire protection analysis

At the calculation of fire protection analysis it could happen, that in the table an higher needed reinforcement value is shown then necessary. This problem is fixed in this version.

Version 02/10C

Correction: program crash at durability dialog box (second)

The problem described in Version 02/10B wasn´t finally solved in that version. This should now be the case.

Version 02/10B

Correction: program crash at durability dialog box

If exposition classes are changed in durability dialogue box there may be a program crash after closing the dialog box. This problem is fixed in this version.

Version 02/10A

Correction: Node number at multi-storey columns

In the table "support by loadcase" at multi-storey columns the node number and the current nummber were interchanged. This problem is fixed in this version.

Version 02/10

Correction: node numbering universal column at support by loadcase

In the table "support by loadcase" at universal columns the node numbering was partually changed. This problem is fixed in this version.

Correction: Bug in case manual interruption of the calculation

In case of manual interruption of the calculation and immediate restart calculation was stopped with an error message. This problem is fixed in this version.

Correction: Shear force design

At shear force design the major value of shear force will be considered at each node

Correction: Reinforcement with a lot of steelbars

The Reinforcement couldn´t be started in case of a high number of needed steelbars. This problem is fixed in this version.

Correction: Fire protection analysis with affixed hinged columns

At columns with affixed hinged columns in some cases it wasn´t possible to start fire protection analysis. This problem is fixed in this version.

Version 01/10

Combinatorics EN

EN 1991, 3.3.1(2) respectively EN 1990, 10.6 is now considered in load combination t (if loads of wind and/or snow are available, all other actions are to handle as one action)

EN2 Netherlands

see advices for other national annexes (Version 06/09)

Fire protection analysis for general cantilever columns

Now it is possible to choose fire protection analysis for cantilever columns, supplied with geneal columns. So it is possilble to calculate for example hall columns with combined loads of cran and roof with fire protection analysis.

Optional output of characteristic support reaction of first order theorie

optional output possibility to choose characteristic support reaction of first order theorie

Version 06/09B

Correction in conjunction with fire protection analysis respectively accidential design situation

In the version 06/09A it could happen, that if a column is calculated for accidential design situation or with fire protection analysis before, in the following norrmal calculation the partial factor for materials is taken from the accidential design situation . The problem is fixed in this release.

Version 06/09A

correction: usage of memory

During calculating with european standards used memory was not given back to the operating system.

Version 06/09

EN2 DIN, ÖNorm, BS

One National Annex is included in the programprice - additional National Annexes are optional available (extra charge).

supplement and adjust shear force design

At DIN 1045-1 shear force design is added for circle cross section
At shear force design kz-value was applied as 0,9. Now the kz-value will be taken from the bending design

Version 05/09


Earthquake load case can be selected and earthquake combination can be calculated.

Version 04/09B

Correction at the consideration of creep

In the course of the enlargement of the design procedure of reinforced concrete column B5 from release 02/09 to release 04/09A it ccould happen that the creep is not properly recorded.
This problem appeared only at DIN1045-2008 and only if the options settings for the consideration of creep was different.
The problem is fixed in this release.

Version 04/09A

Correction at saving universal reinforced concrete column

In the Release 04/2009 universal reinforced concrete column could not be saved. The problem is fixed in this release.

Version 04/09

Correction at the fire protection analysis of ring columns

In some cases it could happen that the fire protection analysis of ring columns could not be performed. The problem is fixed in this release.

Version 02/09

Problem at the load flow to the spot footing FD

In release 01/2009 in the load transfer to the spot footing program FD the second order support loads and moments were not passed on to the foundation. This problem is fixed in this release.

Version 01/09

Improvement of Iteration at the fire protection analysis in columns with low effect of actions

In columns with low normal force and moments an additional iteration is implemented. This improves the continuity of the results. For the same reason, the default setting for the inclination in case of fire is l/500.

Version 05/08

Operational suitability also for frequent combination

In addition to the results of the rare and quasi-permanent combination of action there are now the results of the frequent combination in the output.

Version 04/08

Correction at the reinforcement layout

Reinforcement layout: The horizontal displacement of the bars was partially not working correctly. This problem is fixed in the current release.

Correction at the load flow to the spot footing FD

Load flow to the spot footing FD: Load case combinations with gaping joint beyond the centre of gravity were not passed on to the foundation program. This problem is fixed in the current release.

Version 02/12B

Load input directly in user interface at cantilever column (DIN EN 1992:2012)

At calculations of cantilever columns (DIN EN 1992:2012) and load input directly in user interface it might happen, that the loading attribute was set wrong. This problem is fixed in this version.

Thrust eccentricity at method based on nominal curvature

At calculations method based on nominal curvature (EN 1992) with circular cross sections it might happen, that thrust eccentricity isn´t scheduled in the right way. This problem is fixed in this version.

Version 05/09A

correction earthquake calculation

In the version 05/09, it could happen that in certain cases, earthquake combination was not properly taken into account. This is corrected in the version 05/09 A .