B7 | Flight of Stairs | Update Information

Version 01/18


Output slightly changed.

Version 02/17


Output slightly changed.

Version 01/17


Eurocode EN 1992:2014 implemented.


The range of possible steel diameters is now set correctly depending on the country specific National Annex.

Version 02/16


BS EN 1992:2015 and DIN EN 1992:2015 implemented.


The required field reinforcement for the landing is displayed now.
For restrained supports a reinforcement proposal and crack width design is done.
The dead load of the precast concrete is set for the output.


The steel grades are now correctly taken into account for all Eurocodes.
For crack width design the quasi permanent combination is used.

Version 01/16


Output improvements.

Version 02/15


Preset design standard can be defined in the project properties.

Version 01/15


New Version of the National Annex for United Kingdom and Germany implemented:
BS EN 1992:2009 and DIN EN 1992:2013.

Version 01/13D


- Translations.
- A formatting problem at proof of shear force according some european standards was solved.

Version 01/13B


The internal system may had not the same angle than the lower side of the flight of stairs.

Version 01/13A

internal forces

If the application is set to ÖNORM EN 1992:2011 it generates the internal forces now with equation 6.10 instead of equations 6.10a and 6.10b.


The permitted crack width in the dialogue of durability can now bew edited.

Version 01/13

design standards

EN 1992:2010 implemented.
EN NTC 2008 implemented.
DIN EN 1992:2012 implemented.

Version 02/12A


Refreshing of values due to the national annexes of european standards.

Version 02/12

design standards

PN-EN 1992-1-1 [2008] NA 2010 implemented.

Version 01/12


New ID's of design standards implemented.

Version 02/11


Modifications at setting for default standard.

Version 01/11C


It could happen that the maximum moment was not put out. This had no effect on the maximum value of reinforcement.

Version 01/11B


Modifications at entering pedestal.

Version 02/11A

Shear force design at european standards

At shear force design a beam crossection always was used instead of a plate crossection. This problem is only according to european standards.

Version 01/11A


Modifications at showing the angle of the stairway in the grafic.

Version 01/11

choice of steel using european standards

Problems at changing the kind of steel were solved.

Version 01/10A

EN2 NEN, EN2 NBN, EN2 CSN integrated.

Version 02/09

EN2 D, EN2 A, EN2 GB integrated.

Version 01/09

calculation part of framework writes to temporary directory.
abort of program during calculation acc. DIN 1045 and DIN 1045-1/2008 eliminated