D10 | Glued Laminated Girder | Update Information

Version 01/18


Data preparation of material and cross-section for item list.

Version 02/17


DIN EN 1995/NA: 2013 and NCI for The torsion Md/80 is no longer taking into account for the cross-section design if the lateral torsional buckling slenderness lambda,ef <= 225.

Version 01/17


Interaction of shear and transverse tensile design for the ridge corrected:
Change of coefficient kdis and consideration of kcr for shear design.

Version 02/16


Glulam according to EN 14080:2013 implemented for Germany and Italy.
The "old" Glulam timbers are marked with * (for example GL24c*).


In the current Eurocodes kcrit is now calculated due to the detailed formula.

Version 01/16


ÖNORM EN 1995:2015 in combination with ÖNORM EN 1991:2013 implemented.
BS EN 1995: 2012 in combination with BS EN 1991: 2011 implemented.

Version 02/15


Minimum dimensions corrected by adjusting the connector distances.


Update for DIN EN 1995:2013 in combination with Eurocode EN 1995:2014.
Preset design standard can be defined in the project properties.

Version 01/15


Additional report for the general Eurocode EN 1995-1-1

Version 02/14A


DIN EN 1995-1-1/NA:2013-08 can be selected.

Version 02/14


The selection of Zip and Place will be added to output, saved and shown on opening the roofload-dialog.
New design code DIN EN 1995-1-1/NA:2013-08 implemented.

New Feature

In german NA (2010 und 2013) with Wind, you can optionally use the average kmod of short and instantaneous

Version 01/14B

New Featuere

Proof of deflections for cantilevers can be disabled.

Version 01/14A

Design Code

The variation of DIN 1052:2008 for Italy was removed.

Version 01/14


German NA: In case of fire, wind will be combinated with psi1.


UNI EN 1995-1-1/NTC:2008
Snow- and Windloads:
UNI EN 1991-1-3/NTC:2008 u. UNI EN 1991-1-4/NTC:2008

Snow- and Windloads:
ÖNorm B 1991-1-3:2013-09-01
ÖNorm B 1991-1-4:2013-05-01

Version 02/13B


In some cases with a long cantilever on the right side, the proof of deflection failed. All values = 0. This item is corrected.

Version 02/13A


In case of Loads with simultaneous-groups (>0) and without alternative-group (=0), the corresponding support-reaction cold be not written in output. This item is corrected.

Version 02/13


Small improvements in output and added remark to proof of tension perpendicular to the grain.

Version 01/13A


In combination with wind and snow, both loads were considered always at the same time. This item is corrected.


Before inserting automatically generated snow- and wind- loads into editable "Additional Loads" you have to confirm.

Version 01/13

New Feature

Precamber in proofs of deflection


Better layout of output
System graphics always on first page

Version 02/12B


The button calculate is now always visible

Version 02/12A

New features

Austria: Wind loads acc. to ÖNorm B 1991-1-4:2011-10-01

Version 02/12

New features

The consequence classes (CC/RC 1 to 3) in EN 1995 can be considered in calculation.

Version 01/12

New features

You can copy automatically generated wind- and snow-loads to the "additional loads table" and edit them like normal loads.

Version 02/11B


Problems with button-clicks while programm is calculating are solved.

Version 02/11A


After loading a position, the service class was not considered at everytime in the calculation. This is corrected

Version 02/11

New features

Windloads inner pressure

Design of full threaded screws (thread) optional according to EN 1995-1-1:2004/A1:2008 or german NA in NA 2010 or higher version.

support reactions of single loadcases
transport height of girder

New codes available

DIN EN 1995-1-1/NA:2010-12 (german NA)
ÖNorm B 1995-1-1:2010 (austrian NA)

Version 01/11B


Discharging wind could sometimes cause too small internal forces. This item is corrected

Version 01/11A

New features

Import of HO4-positions in D10. You find the featuere in menu edit.

Version 01/11


In status-area of the programm, the exploitation at deflection was always shown as 0 (EN5 only).
The proof of torsional stability in case of fire was not shown in output, if the distance of stabilizing elements in proof at normal temperature was 0.00 (continuous stabilizing).
Both items are corrected..


Lower exploitation by cantilever-moments over horizontal edges with cut grain in area of support.
Internal stability loads listed by action groups with output of according moments.
More options for output with FL-Manager

Version 04/10


Small improvements an corrections
Two different views in status-area at the bottom of the window. Change with [>>].

In case of fire

New option: "always simplified analysis".

Version 03/10A


Loadcases wind in EN 1991-1-4 added
trapez-loads corrected

Version 03/10

New Features

Analysis of fire-resistance
DIN 4102-4:1994 / DIN 4102-22:2004 (DIN 1052:2004)
DIN 4102-4:1994 / DIN 4102-22:2004 (DIN 1052:2008)
EN 1995-1-2:2004/AC:2006 (EN 1995-1-1:2004/A1:2008)

Version 02/10C


Wind under cantilever will be considered.

Version 02/10B


DIN1052/A1 only: Reduced strength at cut grain corrected in extern library. Additional details in output.

Common improvement of graphics (shear-stress)

Version 02/10A


Sporadic loss of automatically generated snow-loads in version 02/10 causes asymmetric exploitation at symmetric systems. -> Corrected!

Version 02/10

New Features and Improvements

Automatic generation of wind- and snow-loads.
System length for torsional stability independent for field and cantilevers.
Support reactions gamma-times.
Selection of horizontal support.
Horizontal support reactions.
Straight beam with vouted cantilevers.
Manual override(increase) of reinforcement (by code, constructive(climatic), full).
Shear force: Loss of cross-section by reinforcement can be set to on/off.
Selection of location for entering cross-section-height.
More infos in detailed output with all factors k,alpha,t,c,...
Shear force in combination with tension perpendicular to the grain without reduced cross section.
Check of cross-section-width associated to reinforcements.
Internal stability loads listed by action groups.
Decisive horizontal shift of supports in combination of selected code.
Direction of grain is shown in graphics.
Area with tension perpendicular to the grain is shown in graphics.

D10: Horizontal shift of supports listed by action groups.
D10: Additional loads with alternativ- and simultaneous-groups.

EN1995-1-1:2004/A1:2008 without NA, needs licence.
DIN1052:2008 - Südtirol, needs licence.

Version 01/10A


Small improvements and corrections.

Version 01/10

New features and Improvements

Proof with torsion (Md/80), caused by horizontal imperfection of Beam, at support.
New possibility (optional) for calculation of the internal stability load.
Constructional drawing without loads.
Reinforcement (Screws) will be considered also in the area of support.
Only D10 : Automatic positioning of reinforcements with constructional drawing and BOM.
Some small corrections.

Version 04/09A


Some small corrections and improvements

Version 04/09

New features and Improvements

ÖNORM B 1995-1:2009 (Eurocode Austria with NA:2009)
D10: Reinforcement with full threaded screws
D10: Supports inclined parallel to the grain are possible.
The combination for accidental snow-load in northern germany can optionally consider the snow-loads from "additional loads".

The Code, set at start of the programm, can be defined by user-setting.
Detailled output of horizontal shift and rotation of supports.
Improved output of deflection with decisive proof.
More information at output of bracing of beam and stabilizing at support with M,tor,d.
More information about reinforcement - design.
Values in load-grafic includes the load-factor.
GUI-status-table containing torsional stability.

Version 03/09C


Correction of "lad" at the analysis of glued threaded bolts.

Version 03/09B


In older versions of this programm it could happen, that the analysis of glued threaded bolts was critical, if glue was decisive for dimensioning.
This problem is corrected.

Version 03/09A


Problems by loading older data (year < 2000).
Sometimes, the internal stability load coud bes shown as 0.00 kN/m
These items are corrected.

Version 03/09


Completely new user-interface with large grafic
Small improvements

Version 02/09


Labeling of loads in grafic
Added height measurements int text output
Volume of beam in output clearly defined
Weight of the sliding ridge
Coordinate of of max. deflection in output.

Version 01/09

Completely new programm-version

DIN 1052:2004 und DIN1052:2008
User-interface, geometry-validator, proofs, proofs at ridge, output, grafics and presentation of results