FWT | Trusses Timber/Steel | Update Information

Version 01/18


Technical adjustment

Version 01/17A


The coefficient kh for fmyk is no longer considered twice.

Version 01/17


New softwood and hardwood implemented according to EN 338:2016.

Version 02/16


Glulam according to EN 14008: 2013 implemented for Germany and Italy.
The "old" Glulam timbers are marked with * (for example GL24c*).

Version 01/16


New design standards DIN EN 1995: 2013, ÖNORM EN 1995: 2015 and BS EN 1995: 2012 implemented.


Intermediate kmod for ÖNORM EN:2015 and DIN EN 1995:2013 implemented.

Version 01/15


Import from old HO8 items corrected.

Version 01/14A


Correction of the load application concerning imposed loads on roofs

Version 01/14


Correction of the interface to the program STX.
Correction for presetting values for windloads (pressure/suction).
Programs starts with EN 1995 as default code.

Version 02/13

Internal corrections for libraries.

Version 01/13

EN 1995

Now combinations with exceptional snowloads are possible for EN 1995.

Version 01/12D

The windload values for pressure and suction are both shown now.

Version 01/12C


The proof of the netto-deflection acc EN 1995-1-1 now considers the creep-deflection due to the variable loads.

Version 01/12B


The the licence checking for EN 1991 has been corrected.

Version 01/12A

ÖNorm B 1995-1-1:2010

Depending on the licence ÖNorm B 1995-1-1:2010 is available now.

Version 01/12

There might be windpressure on the lee-side of light sloped roofs.

Version 02/11

EN 1991

Depending on the licence EN 1991:2010, ÖNorm B 1991:2009, DIN EN 1991/NA:2010 are available.

EN 1995

Depending on the licence EN 1995-1-1, ÖNorm B 1995-1-1:2009, DIN EN 1995-1-1/NA:2010 are available.

Version 01/11

The data interface is not supported any longer by the program BTii. So the transfer to BTii had to be canceled.
By the way the output has been optimized for the Frilo-Manager.

Version 01/10C

translation corrected.

Version 01/10B

The accidental load option is actived automatically for town of the Northern German Plain.
A selected town will be added in the output and saved with the position data.

Version 01/10A

DIN 1055-5:2005

Accidental snow loads can be considered now.

Version 01/10

correction DIN 1052:2008

The characteristic bearing forces consider now the different direction for wind actions.

internal modification

Version 04/09A

Now live loads can be considered on the bottom flange.

Version 04/09

DIN 1052.2004

The calculation of buckling length for timber-constructions according DIN 1052:2004 has been improved.

DIN 1052:2008

timber-constructions can be designed according DIN 1052:2008, if licence is available.