HO13+ | Timber Joint | Update Information

Version 02/17


User defined material: For solid timber and gluelam, it is possible to adjust strengths and stiffness to the own needs. The dialog for changing the values can be called with F5 from the input of the strength class. The design is based on the derived material standard.
DXF Export for the metal sheet is possible in the context menu of the sheet graphic.


Connectors: Connector transfer from the assistant to program is corrected.
For threaded rods, the lower value of the washer and the threaded rod is used for the pull-out strength now.
Graphics: Various corrections in graphical user interaction and dimensioning.

Version 01/17

New Version

First Version with new user interface.


New softwood and hardwood implemented according to EN 338:2016.


Selection of profiled nails and user-defined properties, e.g. strengths.
Moment stress in girder from external loads and eccentricity of the fasteners implemented.