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Version 01/17


Technical adjustment

Version 02/16


Glulam according to EN 14080:2013 implemented for Germany and Italy.
The "old" Glulam timbers are marked with * (for example GL24c*).

Version 01/16


BS EN 1995:2012 and ÖNORM EN 1995:2015 implemented.

Version 01/15


Implementation of DIN EN 1995:2013 in combination with EN 1995:2014.
Preset design standard can be defined in the project properties.

Version 01/14


Improvement of the translations

Version 01/13


Technical adjustment

Version 01/12A


Check according to DIN EN 1995-1-1/NA:2010 is implemented now.

Version 01/12


DIN 1052:2008, 14.5:
With fingerjoints of conifer or glulam for ft0d, fc0d and fmd you shold always use the resistance of the next worse quality.

Version 02/11


localisation improved, proof of perpendicular tensile stress is available for dowelcircles, although proof of reinforcing of edge acc Heimeshoff

Version 01/11A

Finger joint

long output is optionally available

Version 01/11

internal adaptions for FL-Manager output.

Version 02/10


The remarks are printed in the output of design according new DIN 1052 or EN 1995.

Version 01/10C

design loadcases

For proofing acc DIN 1052:2004 and 2008 a list of design loadcases can be considered.

Version 01/10B

DIN 1052:2008

According to annotation to DIN 1052 the permissible stresses should be only considered with 20% (Heimeshoff) at finger joints with a positive moment due to the problem of tensile stress perpendicular to the grain.

Version 01/10A

The service routine for minimum distance to the edge have been improved.

Version 01/10

correction output fingerjoint

In the document of the fingerjoint was the wrong kmod-value of the previous dowel-circle-calulation printed instead of the truely considered kmod-value.

internal modification

Version 01/09B

the service class can be selected in the material properties dialogue.

Version 01/09A


The existing shear stress at dowelcircle according DIN 1052:2004 and 2008 was 10 times to high.
Besides the serciveroutines for the input values for the inner circle have been improved.

Version 01/09

DIN 1052:2008

DIN 1052:2008 is available now.