HO7 | Timber Beam | Update Information

Version 01/18


It is possible to save the additional layer-related stiffnesses again.

Version 02/17


Layer structure with stiffnesses for the vibration check remain after storing the item.

Version 01/17


New softwood and hardwood implemented according to EN 338:2016.


Progress bar enabled for calculation.

Version 02/16


Glulam according to EN 14080:2013 implemented for Germany and Italy.
The "old" Glulam timbers are marked with * (for example GL24c*).

Version 01/16


BS EN 1995:2012 and ÖNORM EN 1995:2015 implemented.

Version 01/15


Update for DIN EN 1995:2013 in combination with Eurocode EN 1995:2014.
Preset design standard can be defined in the project properties.

Version 02/14


Issue with load transfer to column program fixed.
Design according DIN EN1995-1-1/NA:2013-08 is now possible ( Attention :This code is officially still not introduced !).
For design according DIN EN1995-1-1/NA:2013-08 for combinations with wind as shortest action kmod is calculated as arithmetic mean of short and very short.

Version 01/14


UNI EN 1995-1-1/NTC:2008 implemented

Version 02/13A


Improvement of ASCII-Interface to Ho1 (load forwarding to column)
Proof against Shearing analog to DLT with full oder reduced shear force.

Version 02/13


internal adaptions for libraries

Version 01/13B


Presetting values for Serviceability proofs have been corrected.

Version 01/13A

The dynamical proof can be turned of manually.

Version 01/13

EN 1995-1-1

Now combinations with exceptional snowloads can be considered for EN 1995.

Version 02/12

EN 1995-1-1

Now the dynamical proof is optionally available.

Version 01/12A


For EN 1995, DIN EN 1995/NA and EN 1995-NTC the exploitation of the serviceablitity proof hab been wrong calculated for the GUI. Anyway the exploitation in the document was correct.
Now the correct exploitation will be shown at the GUI, too.


The permissible deflection for Code of Practice is automatically set by the program.

Version 01/12

Data transfer to DLT10

Due to the new arealoads in DLT10 the data transfer from Ho7 to DLT10 made redundant data and twice loads.
Now the data transfer has been modified for the new data structure of DLT10.

Version 02/11

EN 1995-1-1:NTC:2008

Proof according EN 1995-1-1:NTC:2008 is availaable, due to licence.

DIN EN 1995-1-1/NA.2010

Proof according DIN EN 1995-1-1/NA:2010 is available due to licence.

EN 1995-1-1

Dynamical proof is available for EN 1995.

internal modification for new database

Version 01/11

internal modification

Version 02/10

ÖNorm B 1995-1-1:2010

ÖNorm B 1995-1-1:2010 is available if licensed therefore.

Version 01/10D

Dimension error with glulam has been corrected.

Version 01/10C

internal corrections

Version 01/10B

load forwarding

The loads for the column programs are seperated for actions if designed acc DIN 1052:2008.

The optional calculation of the dead load has been deactivated, because the density of timber cannot be considered by the design algorithm.
You should consider the variation of densities by the usual load input.

conversion of action categories

The conversion of the action categories while changing from or to Code Of Practice has been corrected.

Version 01/10A

pilot project EN5-D

The participants in the pilot project for EN 1995 NA-D can unlock the german NA for the Euocode using the license file.

Version 01/10

On reading external data it is proved now, if the permissible deflections are set to valid values.

DIN 1052:2008 South Tyrol

The modified version of DIN 1052:2008 for South Tyrol ist available, if licensed therefore.

Version 03/09A


The checking while input or reading of additional loads has been improved.

dialogue for the factor kc90 added, for:
- DIN 1052:2008
- EN 1995-1:2008
- ÖNorm B 1995-1:2009

Version 03/09

ÖNorm B 1995-1-1:2009

ÖNorm B 1995-1-1:2009 is available if licensed therefore.

Version 02/09B

Correction for STEICO joists

- bearing width is set to default value acc ETA, unless program was called by SEMA
- holes above bearings are considered as invalid

Version 02/09A

DIN 1052:2008

DIN 1052:2008 is available now.

Version 02/09

DIN 1052:2004

Paragraph 9.3 of DIN 1052:2004 will be considered by the maximum exploitation now.

Version 01/09B

Correction for DIN 1052-A1:1996

This error occures with all Ho7-version, that collide with a DLT-Library from Ferbuary or March of 2009.
The permissible pressure values haven't been reduced for weatherd beams with an equilibium moisture content > 18% ! Instead the proofes used too big permissible pressure values! Unfortunately the reduced values have been printed int the document, but they are not used for calculating! For all those beams the result are critical.
From internal version 1.4.137 of the DLT-Library (look at "Info about...") this error is corrected.

Version 01/09A

Proofing input of STEICO joists

The distance between holes are checked now while input according to the new rules.

Version 01/09

Internal corrections

Internal corrections with control of codes and ASCII-interface.