LWS | Wind and Snow Loads | Update Information

Version 02/17


Canopies: Accidental snow loads are now being issued in the output.


Double pitch roof: Dimensons for the longitudinal section corrected.

Version 01/17


Technical adjustment

Version 02/16


Graphics: Editing dimensional chains improved.

Version 01/16


Eurocode BS EN 1991 implemented for UK.


Internal wind pressure: Intermediate value for cpe at the lateral surfaces.
Text in Graphics otimized.

Version 01/15


Snow load for roof abutting and close to taller construction works: Adjustment and demarcation to drifting at projections and obstructions.

Version 02/14A


DIN EN 1991:2010: At height difference: is ensured, that mue2 = muew +mues is >1.2 , even if lower limit is BIGGER than upper limit.

Version 02/14


Filled areas on/off is working now.
Height difference: min mue2 > 1,2(NA-D:2010).

Improved Output

In output without graphics, you get captions for wind-directions.

Improved Graphics

The values shown in graphics (drifted snow/height differences) fit to text-output.

Version 01/14A

Correction at opening of existing positions

Problems at progamm start with existing positionsare corrected.

Version 01/14

Porches according DIN EN 1991/NA:2010

The climatic region, that may affect on the roof shape coefficient, can now be considered.
The climatic region is only considered for the roof shape coefficient. The snow load is calculated due to the rules of the National Annex, that refers to the snow zones instead of the climatic regions.

ÖNORM EN 1991/NA:2013

Proof according ÖNORM EN 1991/NA:2013 implemented.

Version 01/13

First Release