MWP | Masonry Column | Update Information

Version 02/17


The material database for the products of Schlagmann Poroton GmbH & Co. KG has been updated.

Version 01/17


The internal force graphs for the output document are scaled correctly now.

Version 02/16


The material databas for the products of "Wienerberger GmbH" and the "Schlagmann Poroton GmbH & Co. KG" are updated.

Version 01/16


Data exchange: Loads and column geometry can be transfered to the foundation program FD+.

Version 02/15

Material update

The material database with material parameters for Germany has been updated according to the product approvals 2015.

Version 01/15


Technical adjustment

Version 01/14C

Material selection updated

The material selection form for masonry based on technical approvals and user definied masonry acc. to DIN 1053 and DIN EN 1996 have been updated. The form for approval based masonry now shows substantially more values for mechanical properties definied in the specific approval as well as verbal hints from the approval.

In case of user defined material a greater selection of derived mechanical properties (e.g. unit weight based on selected bulk density class) are shown.

When defining a standard material acc. to EN 1996 it can now be specified that perpend joints parallel to the wall face shall be assumed. This automatically toggles the neccessary reductions of the masonry compressive strength.

Version 01/14A


The value of the load bearing capacity underneath concentrated loads in the print out included an unjustified factor of 10. (However, the utilization ratio was printed out correctly.)

Extension of product database

For DIN 1053 and DIN EN 1996 the product database now also contains all products of Schlagmann and HART Keramik.

Version 01/14

Modified program behaviour

Until now for simply supported columns in the general design procedure the set back rule for the eccentricity at the top and bottom was applied in case of exceedingly large eccentricities. This has been changed such that now cases containing joist hangers are handled correctly.

Bislang wurde bei Pendelstützen im genaueren Verfahren an Wandkopf und Wandfuß die Rücksatzregel angewendet, wenn die vom Anwender definierten Lastausmitten zu groß waren. Dies ist nun nicht mehr der Fall. Anwendungsfälle mit Auflagerkonsolen oder Balkenschuhen werden jetzt korrekt abgebildet.

Updated material database from Wienberger

The material database has been updated by Wienerberger Germany GmbH in order to include the design values of the material properties for their latest products as well as to provide them for the newly introduced National Annex to Eurocode 6 for Germany.

New: Eurocode 6 for Germany

Walls can now be designed according to DIN EN 1996 (general and simplified design methods). Background information to the changes in comparison to DIN 1053-1/-100 can be found in Frilo-Magazin 2012 (download available from www.frilo.eu/de/service/publikationen/frilo-magazin.html).

The MWP program does not apply any of the special code provisions for partly supported floor slabs. Effects from such a kind of load introduction into the column have to be included in the input values of the load eccentricities. The geometrical definitions of the load bearing area at the top of the column exclusively serves the check of the bearing pressure but does not affect the overall performance of the column.

Version 02/11C


For walls supported at the top and the bottom only the effective length was not conservatively estimated if the following conditions were

met: DIN 1053-100, general design method, wall thickness min. 36.5 cm and floor slab supporting length less than half the wall thickness.

Version 02/11B

Internal modifications

Only internal modifications and adoptions were conducted.

Version 02/11A

Visibility of utilisation ratio panel

The utilisation ratio table at the right screen border is now by default not visible. Its visibility can

now be toggled via the F12-key on the keyboard or the newly added eta-button in the main toolbar.

Version 02/11

Internal modifications

Some internal modifications were neccessary, which do not affect the progam behaviour.

Version 03/10A

Product database extended

All products of the Porotherm-series by Wienerberger Austria have been inserted into our product database. These also includes the new Porotherm.dryfix-System where a PUR-based adhesive is used instead of common mortar. Only availible in design according to EN 1996, NA Austria.

Version 03/10

Error in fixed moment calculation

For columns with fixed end conditions the fixed end moments due to lateral loads were set to 0.0. Thus the moment distribution equaled that of a hinged column.

The only effected program version is 03/10/A. The error leads to conservative designs.

Correction of self weight surcharge application

The self weight surcharge gz was until now applied to one surface parallel to the global y-axis only (as in MWX and MWK). Now it is applied to each of the four surfaces of the column.

Error messages included in text output

In case of errors during the analysis (e.g. load eccentricities exceeding wall boundaries etc) the error messages displayed on screen are now also included in the text output.

User defined material for EC6User defined material for EC6

In addition to the EN 1996-1-1 material dialog it is now also possible to manually specify all strength parameters. The form is located in a new tab of the material dialog.

Version 01/10A

General Corrections

With this version reported problems in the definition of the foundation geometry and the analysis of columns without any vertical loads (eg free standing walls) have been corrected. Addtionally the limitation of the column dimensions, namely the error condition "Lenght of wall must be greater than wall thickness", has been removed.

Corrections and improvements in the GUI

This verions comprises several corrections and improvments concerning the graphical display and the funtionality of the GUI.

Version 01/10

First program version

The MWP-application performs structural safety analysis for unreinforced masonry columns in accordance with the simplified and general calculation method.