PLII+ | Plate Buckling | Update Information

Version 02/17


Missing heading "equivalent stress"

Version 01/17


Option for analytical buckling member behavior.

Version 02/16


Errors in the result graph of the stresses according to DIN 18800 (Patch 7).

Version 01/16


User interface issues fixed. The calculation results are not affected.

Version 02/15


Buckling stiffeners updated in manual.


User interface: Better result synrchonization for "traffic light" preview.
Output: Cleanup of empty nodes in the document structure.

Version 01/15


Technical adjustment

Version 01/14D


Internally some minor changes have been introduced in order to improve the overall program runtime stability.

Version 01/14C


Prior to switching to any of the predefined examples the "Save as ..." dialog is now shown. The waring and error messages related to trapezoidal stiffeners have been given more precise formulations.

Version 01/14B

Correction of stiffener properties

An underestimation of the stiffener properties lead to a slight overestimation of the imperfection coefficients.

Version 01/14

New: Stiffener checks

The program has been extended by design checks for the stiffeners (not DIN 18800). Stiffeners are checked automatically, wereas the stiffener forces are taken from the numerical analysis of the plate. The output document contains a result summary for the design checks. In case more details results are of interest, model data and load data can be exported to the BTII programm.

Version 01/13


PLii+ is a complete remake of the established PLii program. It not only implement the analysis of plate buckling according to EN 1993-1-5 sec. 10 (reduced stress approach), but offers the investigation of a plurality of loading cases in one single project and a generalised load definition. The new completely interactive 3d grafic view (editable load and dimension lables, model manipulation via context menus) allows easy handling driven by intuition.