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Version 02/17


Reduction of calculation time with pre design mode.
In case of stability design the reduction factor Chi,LT is modified according to the moment distribution.
Improved input dialog for wind and snow loads.
Load values can be compiled for the roof load.
Additional output sections can be selected for the internal forces of relevant combinations.
Load transfer to ST14 is done with the internal forces at the end of the haunch to design the erection joint.

Version 01/17


Support conditions for base points can be set individually.
In the case of eaves, there is the possibility to define haunches.

Version 02/16


Storing the output profile and making the program more stable.

Version 01/16


Entering warping springs in frame corners, ridge and base points.
Addition of haunched corner plate with chord for the section check.

Version 02/15


Progress bar optimized: During calculation each bar runs only once.

Version 01/15A


Calculation according to ÖNORM EN 1993 added.

Version 02/14


Load extension: Simplified corbel load input by the column context menu.


Extended output information from the analysis core, for example in case of stability issues.

Version 01/14

First release version.