S9+ | Crane Runway Girder | Update Information

Version 01/18


Craneway loads in edit mode:
Edited loads, additional loads and loadcases, modified dynamic factors and superposition factors are kept after cross-section changes.
Keep in mind that points of application for loads and torsional moment corresponding to horizontal loads must be adjusted manually.

Impact loads can be shown in the output document.

Version 02/17


Fixed issue when saving the item.
Editing the span and center distances in the crane graphic.

Version 01/17


Table crane loads optimized. For loads from the datasheet only the input for the crane runway 2 is possible for the design.
Crane graphics have been corrected: Installation of the cranes in the direction of travel.

Version 02/16


Load underslung cranes and monorail hoist blocks:
To enter the loads of cranes datasheets mass forces and skew forces can be entered separately.

Fatigue check: For underslung cranes and monorail hoist blocks the fatigue check for local support transfer is done on the upper flange.

Load transfer: Design values for support reactions can be transferred to the steel program STS+ as design load cases.

Version 01/16


Graphical output improved.
Program stability improvement in case of system and load input.

Version 02/15


Providing additional notch cases.
Output table for crane loads (loads of craneway 1 are not visible).

Version 01/15

New Version

First Version of S9+ in English with new user interface.
Eurocode with National Annex implemented for Great Britain, Germany and Austria.