ST3 | Steel Column Base | Update Information

Version 01/18


Technical adjustment

Version 02/17


Technical adjustment

Version 01/17


Technical adjustment

Version 02/16


The change between characteristic loads and design loads is possible now even in stored items (patch 9).

Version 01/16


Output of rotational stiffness.
Shear transmission with profile plugs for both flanges proportionately possible.

Version 02/15


Optimization of shear design for anchor bolts (component model).

Version 01/15


Design of cross-recess dowels fixed.
Reduction of equivalent stress.

Version 01/14C

Smaller corrections in the output.

Version 01/14B

Vy is always defined and put out: if the component model is used, a message is displayed informing the user that no calculation will be performed for Vy.

Version 01/14A

Verification of cross-recess dowels: in the calculation of the shear stress, Vz and Vy had been inverted erroneously.

Version 01/14

The weld thickness Aw according to DIN 18800 was not displayed correct in the dialog box

Transfer of the shear force: 90 ° rotated cross section dowel are possible

Version 01/13A

Design acc. to DIN EN 1993: Free bearing material is not possible now ( concrete only)

Version 01/13

Reading ASCII files from the program S7 corrected

Version 02/11

Correction to the output of load cases

Version 01/11

Internal modifications

Version 02/09

The necessary plate thicknesses are always calculated on the existing fyk of the base plate.
Only if the calculationas results an unfavorable value of fyk, the necessary plate thickness is calculated on this value.