ST9 | Bolted Steel Connection | Update Information

Version 01/18


Beam Connection: Verification of angle: Problem with distance of screw centroid fixed

Version 02/17


Information of the weld seam on the tension chord in the short output.
Internal forces calculation in inclined girders.

Version 01/17


Bending Joint
The internal forces are divided by the dimensions (flange, bar) of the cross-sections, but no longer by the dimensions of the plates.

Version 02/16


Technical adjustment

Version 01/16


Limit of the allowable hole diameter (M12).

Version 02/15


Preset design standard can be defined in the project properties.

Version 01/15


Beam Connection: Screw force in z/y components divided and designed.

Version 02/14


End plate joint: Program crash fixed when changing the cross section with default settings.

Version 01/14C

Rigid splice: the utilization of the web as per EC3 was not calculated correctly.

Version 01/14B

End plate splice according to DIN18800: The cross sectional properties of I-sections with inclined flanges was calculated as for IPE sections.

Version 01/14A

Rigid splice: max. Eta was not displayed on the screen under particular conditions (only in the output)

Version 01/14

Internal modification
End plate joint: All bolts strengthes can be selected according to EN1993
EN1993 - Correction in the calculation of weld area

Version 01/13B

Improve the input of the bolt pattern

Version 01/13

Correction of the internal forces with respect to the angle of the beam axis
Check of bolt spacings

Version 01/11

Internal modifications

Version 02/10


Internal changes for user interface.