Hotline Support

Competent advice and support by telephone is free of charge in connection with a Software Service Contract (SSC).

Remote maintenance

Via remote maintenance, our hotline can help you quickly and easily solve your problem. The TeamViewer allows us to work together with you directly on your screen.
Download the corresponding software by clicking on the blue box below:

TeamViewer Software

Our customer-friendly hotline system saves you from waiting a long time on the telephone: when we cannot accept your call immediately, we will call you back within the shortest possible delay.

For customers not having concluded an SSC, hotline support is free of charge for newly purchased programs or licenses within the first six months. The purchase of an upgrade does not include free hotline support, however.


Tel.  +49 711 / 81 00 20
Fax  +49 711 / 85 80 20

For e-mail support and inquiries, write to

Before calling our hotline support, please take note of the following advice:

We can help your more efficiently when you prepare your call and keep the following information ready:

  • Customer number, operating system, program version.
  • What did you do on the computer when the problem occurred
    (configuration changes, program installations, other changes)?
  • Answers to questions concerning the manipulation of the software are available in the  online help of the program (F1 key).
  • Send output files and the item file per e-mail so that we can understand your calculation.
  • Availability of the hotline support: Monday - Friday 8:30 to 12:00 and 13:00 to 17:00.

Tip: Web Request

You can ask program-specific questions directly when working with the software via the menu item Help > "Send support request". This function also allows you to send attachments, screenshots and the currently active item.