About FRILO Software

Brief history

Founded by Jens Friedrich and Norbert Lochner, the company started under the name "Friedrich + Lochner". The abbreviation "FRILO" soon became quite popular in-house and among our customers and our employees still like to call themselves "FRILOs".

After the withdrawal of Norbert Lochner from the operative business, Jens Friedrich continued to manage the company. At this time, he ensured a secure perspective for the company, customers and employees and paved the way for a continuous development in the future by joining the Nemetschek Group in 1999.

The Nemetschek Group, which is Europe's most important provider of software for architects, engineers and the construction industry, has provided the ideal breeding ground for the alignment of FRILO software to the requirements of a rapidly and constantly changing technology.

In 2002, Hans Stegmüller has finally taken over the management. A newly structured quality assurance system was adopted, the "Hotline" department was expanded, and the customer service was further improved.

With the introduction of European standards, the internationalization of FRILO has gained momentum, allowing our customers to easily work and plan for different countries.

FRILO stands for:
Innovative solutions for structural analysis and structural design