Are discounts granted in the subscription?

Subscription discounts are granted in three ways.

  1. Discounts over the minimum term:

The longer the minimum term you subscribe to, the greater the discount.

  1. Discounts over the number of licenses:

As soon as you purchase a program or FRILO Suite with more than one license, you will receive attractive discounts within one order. On the second to fifth license the first discount level is granted. From the sixth license on, the second discount level is granted. If you have already purchased FRILO Suite at an earlier point in time and would like to add further licenses, the discounts for multiple licenses will also be accepted in a downstream order. To do so, contact our sales department at

  1. Discounts based on order volume:

The more programs you purchase within an order, the greater the discount on the monthly amount you pay. Above a certain number of programs, it is also worth considering FRILO Suite.

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