„At FRILO you get the opportunity to initiate change“

Part 1 of the interview

Frank Peiffer has been in charge of software development at FRILO Software GmbH for twelve years. In the meantime, the 45-year-old holds the position of department manager and is a member of the FRILO management. In the first part of the interview, he describes the demands placed on a software developer at FRILO, what he appreciates about FRILO as an employer, and why he is proud of his team, especially with regard to the development of the BIM-Connector.


Hello, Frank. Here's an important question to start with: How do you usually start your working day?
Frank: There are colleagues who say that I am unresponsive in the morning without a cup of coffee. So, when I come into the office, the first thing I do is go to the coffee machine. Greeting my colleagues and having a short conversation with one or the other is a good start to the day for me.

You have been an integral part of FRILO for twelve years now. How has your career at FRILO been shaped?
Frank: When I started at FRILO twelve years ago as a software developer, there was only one managing director who managed all the processes. It was only when the FRILO staff grew over time that further management positions were created - including that of development manager. To this day, I am grateful to be able to implement my ideas for the constant modernisation of FRILO development in this way.

Since then, how do you interpret your position as part of the management team with responsibility for software development?
Frank: Our developers are absolute experts. That's why I trust in their competencies and allow them sufficient freedom to shape their work. First and foremost, I try to coordinate cross-cutting issues centrally and ensure that we adhere to certain standards across the board. These standards include, for example, the architecture of our applications, a common idea of quality or the constant modernisation of the code base in order to be able to implement new requirements quickly. Recently, the search for new talented developers has taken on a special significance for me.

So, you are currently on the lookout for talented developers to strengthen your team. What are the requirements for the profile of a software developer at FRILO?

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