Dual student at FRILO

My time at #teamfrilo

About me:

My name is Malte and I am 22 years old. In October 2017 I started my dual studies in Business Management at FHDW in Mettmann. The Nemetschek Group has been my permanent partner company ever since and regularly gives me the opportunity to get to know different areas in the holding company or in one of the 16 subsidiaries during my 3-month practical period. Finally, in the past weeks I have been at #teamfrilo in Stuttgart.

What I knew about FRILO before:

FRILO is a leading provider of structural analysis and structural engineering software with a market share of over 60% in the German-speaking region. #teamfrilo currently consists of about 50 employees, placed in Stuttgart and Dresden. A manageable team consisting mainly of civil and structural engineers. I was excited about what to expect in the coming weeks and set off for #teamfrilo.

My time at FRILO:

My first day in Stuttgart started with the quarterly team update in which ALL FRILO employees participated. Colleagues who were not at the office in Stuttgart had the opportunity to dial into the meeting via web. The team meeting was created in order to inform all employees regularly about progress, innovations and changes in the company. In order to make sure, that everyone is on the same page, Markus (CEO) and his team leaders presented their road maps of the individual teams and pointed out what had already been achieved or what needed to be focused on even more in order to end the year successfully. Afterwards, we went directly to the Killesberg in Stuttgart to shoot a short video in honor of the AXIA Award, which the Nemetschek Group won for the year 2018. On the way to the Killesbergturm I already noticed that #teamfrilo is an open and funny crew. This was confirmed by numerous table tennis and table soccer games.

During my 6 weeks at FRILO, the focus was on a detailed insight into the sales and business strategy department. In addition to exciting meetings with Ralf (Sales Manager for Germany) and Markus on sales development and budgeting for the following financial year at FRILO, I also had the opportunity to take part in numerous events outside our own four walls in order to get to know these areas a little better. When I wasn't travelling around, I was mainly working on FRILOs internationalization strategy and evaluated the surrounding markets based on their attractiveness for us.

An absolute highlight of my 6-week stay at FRILO was the trip to our sister company "Graphisoft" in Budapest. We attended an exciting workshop in which we intensified the cooperation between the two Nemetschek companies and took a further step for FRILO in terms of internationalization. In addition to my trip to Budapest, I was also allowed to accompany #teamfrilo towards Harsefeld (near Hamburg) where our second Innovation Lab took place. Together with other customers from the surrounding area, we discussed FRILO's current software solutions and considered together how workflows could be made even more efficient for the customer. In addition, there was the possibility of creating a kind of "wish list" for future innovations and prioritizing these accordingly. A really successful event, from which both sides benefited. Unfortunately, there are only 2 weeks left of my time at FRILO. The quarterly sales meeting as well as some other meetings are still on the agenda before I return to Nemetschek HQ in December.

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