FRILO and Schöck are expanding their long-standing partnership

On Wednesday, September 18th #teamfrilo was with Markus Gallenberger, CEO, and Peter Fritz, Head of Service and Product Management, at Schöck Bauteile GmbH in Baden-Baden. Hubert Fritschi, Head of Product Development, and Bernhard Tschonitsch, Head of Application Development, warmly welcomed them.

So far FRILO customers have been able to install a Schöck Isobasket in the FEM Platten (PLT) solutions for the construction of balconies and to measure the Schöck dowel strip Bole in the punching program (B6+). In the future, the selection of Schöck Isobaskets will be more comfortable for FRILO users. According to their needs and based on the application, they will be given a suggestion list with different Schöck Isobaskets. So they can choose which Schöck Isobasket they want to use. It is also planned to offer the Schöck Combar fiberglass reinforcement in the FRILO solutions. The conversation also discussed the installation of the Schöck Tronsole in the FRILO solution B7+.

#teamfrilo is pleased about the expansion of the partnership with Schöck!


#teamfrilo at Schöck (from left to right): Peter Fritz, Head of Product Management at FRILO, Bernhard Tschonitsch, Head of Application Development at Schöck, and Markus Gallenberger, CEO at FRILO.

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