FRILO equips the structural analysis software with an update

The R-2021-2 releases extended functionalities and a brand-new program

Stuttgart, 19.05.2021 – Since May 19, structural engineers have had access to the latest version of the FRILO structural analysis software. With the update, the provider of innovative solutions for structural analysis and structural design is bringing a completely new solution for calculating cross laminated timber beams onto the market in addition to some practical functional extensions in existing programs. The company is also driving the optimization of the FRILO BIM-Connector®.


New HTB+ program as an answer to the timber construction trend
Timber construction is on the advance across countries. Cross-laminated Timber, which promotes industrial construction with timber thanks to its inexpensive, uncomplicated and quick assembly, makes a significant contribution to this. With the new development of the HTB+ program, FRILO has now responded to the continuing boom of precisely that popular building material. With the new solution, cross-laminated timber elements that are stressed as panels can be dimensioned using the shear analogy method. The cross-laminated timber slab is viewed as a uniaxially tensioned beam element. In the course of the calculations, both structural safety and serviceability can be provided.

The SBR+ program impresses with new functions
The extensions, with which the SBR+ program was equipped in the course of the update, will raise the soil settlement for structural engineers in foundation engineering to a previously unknown level. Thanks to the implementation of drilling profiles, polygonal, interpolated soil layers and terrains can now be defined. Excavation areas make it possible for the first time to calculate uplifts as a result of excavation relief. In addition, interfaces to the foundation programs and the FRILO Building Model GEO were implemented. On this basis, all information required for the settlement calculation can be transferred from the GEO to the SBR+ program. Thus, from now on, a holistic calculation model for Soil Settlement can be created at any point under the influence of several foundations, foundation loads as well as additional existing loads.

DGK (Hip Rafter/ Valley Rafter) becomes Dach-GK (Roof-GK)
As the successor to the previous DGK Hip Rafter / Valley Rafter program, the Roof-GK module was newly developed and integrated as a licensable option into the FRILO Dach+ (Design of Roofs) solution for calculating roofs. The verification of hip and valley rafters can be carried out in six different variants.

Optimization of FRILO BIM-Connector® and FRILO.Document.Designer FDD
The positions of the FRILO BIM-Connector® can now also be managed in the Frilo.Control.Center. Numerous functions for component processing have been added or improved. With the new version, the program interface is also available in English. The FRILO.Document.Designer FDD also shines in new splendour. In particular, the revised viewer shows larger items much faster than before and now allows much more fluid scrolling through the document.

Extended functions for Framework RSX and Building Model GEO
As part of the software update, a punching shear verification for wall corners and ends with a simplified load estimate was implemented in the FRILO Building Model. The thickness ranges have been expanded to include the option of choosing a different concrete quality for individual areas of the ceiling. The interface to the SBR+ program is also new, with the transfer of all information required for soil settlement. The integration of the Austrian earthquake standard ÖNORM B 1998-1:2017 rounds off the innovations in the Building Model. The RSX Framework, on the other hand, has seen improvements in the area of dynamic calculation, reinforced concrete design and the presentation of results. The definition of area loads and the subsequent distribution to the adjacent members have also been optimized.

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