FRILO Innovation LAB 2.0

BIM (Building Information Modeling) is considered being the pioneering technology in the construction industry. As a provider of innovative solutions for structural analysis and structural design, #teamfrilo also deals with this topic in order to effectively prepare its customers for the future. That's why the FRILO Innovation LAB was launched in March 2019.

The „FRILO Innovation LAB“

In a small group, consisting of #teamfrilo and selected FRILO customers, the subject of BIM is being discussed. The focus is on finding answers to the following questions: How do FRILO customers currently work in their offices and how will their work change in the future? What do they need to be optimally prepared for BIM? How do they imagine the role of FRILO in the future?

Successful Innovation LAB 2.0

A lot of ideas have been developed during the Innovation LAB 1.0. Last Tuesday, October 29th, #teamfrilo finally presented the first results that could be implemented within the FRILO solutions. The host of the Innovation LAB 2.0 was Vierbrockhaus AG, headquartered in Harsefeld. "The present FRILO customers were very satisfied with the status of BIM at FRILO," says Peter Fritz, Head of Service and Product Management at FRILO. During the day, the previous ideas were further developed in a lively exchange.

The FRILO Innovation LAB 3.0 is scheduled for spring 2020.

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