FRILO & SEMA – The latest joint webinar exceeds expectations

FRILO. It is well known that we are more and more committing to strong partnerships which complement our services meaningfully and help us to extend our customer base. In SEMA – a specialist for timber construction – we found such powerful partner. Our latest joint webinar with 250 participants clearly underlines this assumption.

We certainly had high expectations when we decided to offer our clients a joint webinar to demonstrate at a glance the advantages of using both FRILO and SEMA. The expectations were legitimate since we already had major success with our very first joint webinar in last year’s December: we recorded a stunning 231 participants.

After this success, we were willing to repeat the format as the new year started. However, there was some uncertainty if we were able to gain similar numbers of participants. It turned out that yesterday’s joint webinar not only matched the number of participants but also surpassed it. With great pleasure we recognized that the maximum number of allowed attendees (250 participants) has been reached. The webinar followed the purpose to showcase the benefit of using both the FRILO and the SEMA software generated by the integrated Closed-BIM solution.

Demonstration of the workflow

After the greeting the two speakers Moritz Mahlke (FRILO) and Martin Hasenegger (SEMA) started the presentation by shortly introducing the two companies. Afterwards Moritz mentioned the various FRILO programs that are integrated into the SEMA software. In detail he described the different functionalities of those programs that are attached to the SEMA modules. Furthermore, he highlighted the special features and mentioned the newest graphical adjustments. Martin followed with the heart of the presentation: he provided a detailed illustration of the efficient workflow by means of a common day-to-day work procedure. The visualized explanation was based on presenting the component transfer between SEMA and FRILO. After the theoretical and the illustrative part, the speakers concluded the presentation with a comprehensive Q&A session. Moritz and Martin answered the upcoming questions with patience and competence. After exiting the webinar, the participants were forwarded to a short survey where they were asked to answer some questions in order to help us improving our future services. The attendees were free to participate. After this renewed success, it cannot be ruled out that we hold another webinar with SEMA in the near future. We will keep you updated. Stay tuned!

Speaker Moritz Mahlke at work (l.)

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