Peter Fritz - 20 years at FRILO

A career at FRILO

At FRILO it is not uncommon to meet long-term employees with deep industry and product knowledge. One of them is Peter Fritz, Head of Product Management, who is celebrating his 20th anniversary in our #teamfrilo on the 1st of October 2020. For this special occasion, we spoke to him about his time and experiences at FRILO.


20 years at FRILO, how are you feeling Peter?

Peter Fritz: That is a difficult question. Overall, I would say that I feel good. Working at FRILO is still fun for me. In the last few years, you can notice a clear change in the industry. Exciting developments and new projects are waiting for us, like our BIM Connector.


How did you get to FRILO?

Peter Fritz: I was a ‘FRILO-user’ in several engineering offices for over 11 years. Since I wanted to develop myself professionally, I looked for new challenges. In 2000 I came across a job advertisement from the Friedrich & Lochner GmbH and I applied directly. Without knowing what exactly was behind the programs, I came to a professional job interview with the former managing director Jens Friedrich. The focus of the position and the new challenges convinced me to take the job.  


How has FRILO changed in the last 20 years in your opinion?

Peter Fritz: For me, FRILO has gone through a radical change. While we mainly employed civil engineers as developers in the past, our corporate structure today is completely different. Due to the changing market and customer requirements, we have expanded the hotline support and sales, placed a greater focus on the interfaces of the programs and improved the external image through our marketing.Another addition to our corporate activity was the introduction of training courses for our customers in 2003. The DIN adjustment and the spread of the Eurocode are just a few of the topics that have had a lasting impact on the construction industry and thus on our work.


20 years in the same company – why did you stay for so long at FRILO? 

Peter Fritz: On the one hand, I had right from the start the opportunity to drive FRILO's growth. I was able to contribute my ideas, rebuild departments, take on personnel responsibility and gain new experiences. On the other hand, we have a very pleasant working atmosphere and a unique team spirit. I am not the only person at FRILO, who has been with the company for several decades.


What was an extraordinary experience for you during this time? 

Peter Fritz: Our Eurocode training series, in which we instructed more than 1000 customers nationwide. Up to 50 people attended our individual events. It was very inspiring to work so closely with our customers and gain insight into the user’s perspective. When we hosted an event for our 40th anniversary in 2018, many of the former participants greeted me, as they still knew me from the training courses. In general, the direct customer contact is still very important to me today.


Any final words Peter? 

Peter Fritz: I'm looking forward to advancing the further development of FRILO with exciting new projects. My wish for the future is to continue with successful business years and further contribute to the company’s growth.

Thank you for the 20 years of commitment Peter!   



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