The FRILO static app

StaticsToGo – Your static documents always with you

With the FRILO app StaticsToGo you have your structural documents created in the FRILO.Document.Designer available at any time, whether on the construction site, in a meeting or at any other place. StaticsToGo synchronizes 1: 1 project and chapter structures from the computer or laptop to the tablet or smartphone.

After synchronization, the entire content of the structural analysis document is available as a PDF for offline use. The view corresponds exactly to that on the desktop. You have the option of adding notes to the items for yourself or your colleagues on the go and calling them up later on the PC - ideal for team and project work.


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Take advantage of the Pro version

With StaticsToGo Pro you can take pictures or graphics directly with the camera or add them from an existing gallery to the statics document in the app. Extracts from the document itself can also be inserted. Markings are also possible with the editing function.

Download the app from the app store

StaticsToGo is available on both Google Play and App Store. To add images or graphics, users need StaticsToGo Pro.
The Pro version is available for Android and can be activated directly via an in-app purchase. After a 14-day trial period, a subscription starts at EUR 2.99 a month.


STG video clip

The following video gives you an overview of the individual functions of the app.

Video STG