BIM-Connector® & Document.Designer


Structural engineers can take part in an OpenBIM process with the help of the BIM-Connector®.
The BIM-Connector® enables collaboration between architects and structural engineers.
With the BIM-Connector® you can import CAD models in the form of IFC- and SAF files.


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The Frilo.Document.Designer is our solution for managing, integrating and editing PDF-based documents.

In addition to documenting FRILO projects, the program is also suitable as a universal tool for creating PDF documents from various sources. Graphics, Word and Excel files or external PDF files can easily be combined in one document.

StaticsToGo is a free app to synchronize the static documents with a mobile device - on the go, you can use the note function for later processing.   Download App

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Further documentation

Additional general and multi-program documentation is available   here.

Overview: Eurocode in the FRILO programs  here.

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