Structural engineers can take part in an OpenBIM process with the help of the BIM-Connector®.

The BIM-Connector® enables collaboration between architects and structural engineers.

With the BIM-Connector® you can import CAD models in the form of IFC- and SAF files.

Price: The BIM-Connector® is available as a subscription license (see price list)

Fact-Sheet: BIM-Connector®

Imported data

FRILO Solution BIM-Connector

Physical model with assigned material


This is what the BIM-Connector® can do for You

The building data is processed and then presented to you as a 3D building representation with additional property data. With this data a physical model and then an analysis model can be generated. You can export this data to the FRILO design solutions "Slabs with Finite Elements PLT" and "Reinforced Concrete Column B5+". A further connection to programs such as the "Building Model GEO" is planned for the subsequent versions.

With the BIM-Connector®, you benefit from:

  • Considerable time saving
  • Optimized workflow
  • Faster communication between project participants
  • High quality projects
  • Avoidance of manual transmission errors
  • Fast response to changes
  • A stronger focus on your actual work:
    structural analysis and design


The BIM-Connector® saves you the monotonous and time-consuming task of creating the building model by defining its individual parts. It also eliminates manual transmission errors and prevents data loss. Thus you receive a high-quality analysis model. This gives you more time to use your engineering expertise as an engineer in the actual structural calculation and design.

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