Soil Analysis / Foundations

The Soil Analysis programs offer verifications of basement and retaining walls. Furthermore, you can calculate beams on elastic foundations and perform slope failure analysis as well as other verifications.

The Foundations segment includes programs for the verification of classical isolated foundations, also as pocket or block foundations. In addition, calculations of strip, reinforced-raft or pole foundations can be performed.

Soil Mechanics
GBR+ Bearing Resistance Failure Info Documents
BBR+ Slope Failure Analysis Info Documents
BEB+ Beam on Elastic Foundation Info Documents
BWA+ Basement Wall Info Documents
EDB+ Earth Pressure Calculation Info Documents
Pfahl+ Pile Foundation Info Documents
SBR+ Soil Settlement Info Documents
WSM+ Cantilevered Retaining Wall Info Documents
SGW+ Gravity Wall Info Documents
TEB Tunnel Frame (2-Cell) Info Documents
Foundation Programs
FD+ Isolated Foundation Info Documents
FDB+ Pad Foundation Info Documents
FDM+ Mast Foundation Info Documents
FDR+ Reinforced Raft Foundation Info Documents
FDS+ Strip Foundation Info Documents

Offers/Software packages for foundation/soil analysis:

FRILO Selection-Package-Basic

FRILO Selection-Package-Pro

Further documentation

Additional general and multi-program documentation is available   here.

Overview: Eurocode in the FRILO programs  here.

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