The Framework program (RSX) provides for the calculation of bar-type structures. This solution can be expanded with additional options.

The wide range of possible applications in terms of calculation methods, system descriptions, loads, superpositions and verifications allow you to calculate almost any bar-type structure. All common calculation methods are implemented.

The additional options steel and wood and concrete are available for the design.

RSX Framework Info Documents
RSX-M-B RSX / Concrete
RSX-M-S RSX / Steel
RSX-M-H RSX / Timber
RSX-3D RSX / 3D Calculation
RSX-P RSX / Generation Of Loads With Panels
RSX-ST RSX / Stability Steel
RSX-DY RSX / Dynamics

Further documentation

Additional general and multi-program documentation is available   here.

Overview: Eurocode in the FRILO programs  here.

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