Reinforced Concrete

The Reinforced Concrete segment includes a wide range of programs for the design of reinforced concrete components. Depending on the task, the decisive internal forces for the design are determined in advance, based on the applicable superposition rules. All programs perform a complete reinforced concrete design. Schematic reinforcement drawings supplement the design.

Stahlbeton Programme
Concrete Programs
B2 Reinforced Concrete Design Info Documents
B2-POLY Polygonal Design
B5-HSB B5 Temperature Design
B5+ Reinforced Concrete Column (new) Info Documents
B6+ Punching Shear Analysis Info Documents
B7+ Flight of Stairs Info Documents
B8 Prestressed Concrete Girder Info Documents
B9+ Reinforced Concrete Corbel (new)
B10 Reinforced Concrete Half Joint Info Documents
B11 Crack Width Verification Info Documents
BDU+ Flush Beam Info Documents
BHA Dynamically Balanced Tank Info Documents
PL5 Continuous Plates IAW Piper/Martens Info Documents
Q2 Cross Section Stress Analysis Info Documents
TA Temperature Analysis Cross Section Info Documents
Concrete Composite Programs
V1 Composite Column Info Documents
V3 Composite Beam Info Documents
Programs containing concrete
DLT Continuous Beam Info Documents
ESK General Plane Frame Info Documents
ESK-RS Three-Dimensional Frame Documents
RSX Framework Info Documents
Toolbox Modules Reinforced Concrete
TB-BBV TB - Deformation without Check Info Documents
TB-BDS TB - Column Load Transfer Info Documents
TB-BIA TB - Indirect Support Info Documents
TB-BLD TB - Line Corbel Slab Info Documents
TB-BLU TB - Line Corbel Beam Info Documents
TB-BLW TB - Line Corbel Wall Info Documents
TB-BQD TB - Shear Dowel Info Documents
TB-BSZ TB - Splitting Force Info Documents
TB-BTF TB - Partial Loaded Area Info Documents
TB-BVT TB - Horizontal Beam Interface Info Documents
TB-BWT TB - Deep Beam Info Documents

Offers/Software packages for reinforced concrete:

FRILO Reinforced Concrete Package

FRILO Selection Package

Further documentation

Additional general and multi-program documentation is available   here.

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