The Steel Construction segment offers programs for the verification of columns, girders, portal frames and crane runways including the determination of the decisive combinations of internal forces. These modules are supplemented by various detailed verifications, e.g. of girder and column supports or of the lateral torsional buckling resistance.

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Steel Programs (Details)
ST3 Steel Column Base Info Documents
ST4 Steel Girder Support Info Documents
ST5 Weld Design Info Documents
ST6 Pocketed Steel Column Base Info Documents
ST7 Steel Section Design Info Documents
ST8 Standardized Connections DSTV Info Documents
ST9 Bolted Steel Connection Info Documents
ST10 Bolted Beam-to-Column Connection Info Documents
ST13 Shear Panel Stiffness Info Documents
ST14 Welded Beam-to-Column Connection Info Documents
ST15 Base Flange Info Documents
Q3 Thinwalled Cross Section Info Documents
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Steel Programs (Systems)
STS+ Single-span Steel Column Info Documents
STT+ Single-span Steel Beam Info Documents
STX+ Stability Analysis for Steel Info Documents
S7+ Portal Frame Info Documents
S9+ Crane Runway Girder Info Documents
BTII+ Lateral Torsional Buckling Analysis Info Documents
PLII+ Plate Buckling Info Documents
ST12+ Steel Bracing Info Documents
Programs containing steel design
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DLT Continuous Beam Info Documents
ESK General Plane Frame Info Documents
ESK-RS Three-Dimensional Frame Documents

Further documentation

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