Timber and Roof

The Roof segment includes programs for the calculation and dimensioning of roof tops with traditional timber roof structures as well as of laminated girders, tie purlins and articulated purlins.

In the Timber Construction segment, you will find programs for the calculation of beams, columns, wood panel walls as well as various detail verifications.

Roof Programs
D7+ Rafter Purlins Info Documents
D10+ Glued Laminated Girder Info Documents
DGK Hip Rafter / Valley Rafter Info Documents
Timber Programs
HNV+ Mechanically Jointed Beams Info
HO1+ Timber Column Info Documents
HO2+ Skew Notch Joint Info Documents
HO3+ Timber Tension Joint Info Documents
HO6 Frame Corner Info Documents
HO11+ Timber Design Info Documents
HO12 Timber Construction Details Info Documents
HO13+ Timber Joint Info Documents
HO14+ Single Fastener Timber Joint Info Documents
HTW+ Timber Wall Diaphragms Info Documents
HSC+ Dovetail Connection Info Documents
HTM+ Continuous Beam Timber Info
HTM-S HTM Stability
HTM-2 HTM Biaxial-Bending
FWH+ Trusses Timber Info Documents
Programs with Timber Design
RSX Framework 2D/3D Info Documents
DLT Continuous Beam Info Documents
RSX Framework 2D/3D Info Documents
RSX-3D RSX / 3D Calculation
RSX-DY RSX / Dynamics
Toolbox Modules Timber
TB-HHP TB-Timber Pressure Info Documents
TB-HHS TB-Timber Pressure, Steel Plate Info Documents
TB-HPK TB-Purlin Support with Cleat Info Documents
TB-HSA TB-Rafter Support Info Documents
TB-HSF TB-Rafter Base Point Info Documents
TB-HSK TB-Rafter Base Point with Cleat Info Documents
TB-HSV TB-Rafter Base Point with Haunched Cleat Info Documents
TB-HUS TB-Sleeper Anchoring Info Documents

Offers/Software packages for timber and roof:

FRILO Selection-Package-Basic

FRILO Selection-Package-Pro

Further documentation

Additional general and multi-program documentation is available   here.

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