B9+ | Reinforced Concrete Corbel | Update Information



The Italian standard NTC EN 1992-1-1:2018 has been added.
For the Polish standard PN EN 1992-1-:2010 the reinforcement plan can now be created.



The display of the utilization bars has been extended for some cases(e.g. non-compliance with the clear reinforcement spacing, the max. permissible node dimensions, etc.).


Crashes in corbel design have been fixed



The Polish standard PN EN 1992-1-1:2010 has been added.
Intermediate values for the verification of the anchorage or overlap length can now be outputed.
If the maximum permissible compression strut inclination is exceeded, the lower node can now be moved upwards (analogous to "old" B9).
The anchorage lengths are now also displayed graphically.
Remarks can now be entered for the actions.
The output of the console as a 3D image is now available.
The calculation of the bond area in the bracket for load-bearing longitudinal stirrups has been corrected.



internal adjustments



The reinforcement positions of the console can now be output as a position plan including a steel list.
The comment editor has been significantly expanded.
internal adjustments


First Version

First Version of the new program implemented with deisgn code ÖNORM B 1992-1-1:2018-01.
More geometric console paramters possible:
Detailed reinforcement input with more than 2 bars in parallel.
Definition for the clear vertical distance between the tensile reinforcement.
2D and 3D view of the console including reinforcement for better geometric control.