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Component display - visual distinction to subchapters

Frilo positions can be replaced, e.g. a DLT position can be replaced directly by a HTM+ position. This function is also available in the fixed document.

Scaling PDF documents is possible via multiple selection.

Remark: Tables can be copied. New function manual page break


Positions can be deactivated and then reactivated without changing the status (same index).
Replace file PDF - Additional pages are inserted with x.1, x.2, x.3 -x.n in the numbering.
Page numbers of plans are taken into account (layout option Number plans also).

Position list is automatically updated when the position name is changed



Document view and PDF output:
The table of contents is now provided with jump points / links. This means that positions can be jumped to directly from the PDF table of contents. The mouse pointer changes its shape accordingly when you point to an entry.
Drag & Drop:
Positions can be dragged and dropped from the FRILO Control Center FCC into the FRILO Document Designer FDD.
Extension in the page layout (Document>Page layout>button "Fonts remarks". Here you can define your own default settings for the fonts in the remarks.
Note: Existing remarks initially retain their appearance. If changes are made via "Font remarks", the existing remarks are given the new format.
As is usual with an edited layout, the document is completely reformatted afterwards.
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --
- Multiple access to template editing is checked.
- Fixation: The deactivation and activation of items in revisions has been improved.



Viewer for position- /document view has been renewed.
The new viewer is much faster.
Especially with large positions, the increase in speed is enormous. Views are displayed quickly and scrolling is also smoother than before.
Page view with 2 pages next to each other is now possible again.

Remark editor:
Remarks can be copied directly in the position tree.
Special characters added.
Several remarks can be opened parallel.
Pictures can be scaled via the corner (aspect ratio constant).
Button for saving templates (= right mouse button selection /save all).

New position - Programme favourites can now be accessed directly (these are defined in the FCC via the programme view).

Document view with hint if document is not up to date (in connection with "automatic update off")


Chapter heading is always displayed on the first active position of a chapter.

Within the position tree, page breaks / empty lines can be inserted again via the properties.

Optimised insertion of table of contents

Insertion via Drag&Drop and copying of positions into empty chapter possible

Texts with superscript and subscript are no longer written on top of each other.



Layout: additional placeholder for change date position
Settings from the 2nd page layout can be adopted from the 1st page layout.
Numbering Chapter: A free (start) numbering can be selected.
Start page can be preassigned via the "Document" view (example: document starts from page 500).

Update "changed items" - all changed items are updated without a separate selection.
Additional temporary backup of the document will be created automatically.

Item list: Export as Excel file possible (*.xlsx)
In addition, the chapters and item numbers can be listed.

Scrolling in the view window is possible directly without clicking.

Fixed document: Outline points from items selection or deselection can be done afterwards.


The last view is displayed again when opened (remote arrangement, collapsed chapters, ...)
Remarks in items: Pictures from the clipboard are taken directly again.
Title bar became inactive at different function.
Fix for inactive functions in the title bar.



Partial documents can be saved as PDF copy.
Revision description can be added for locked documents.


Locked dokuments: The Date for the table of contens is updated.



Plans can be listed in the table of contents (layout settings).
Remarks are visible directly in the FDD.
Additional dialog for PDF scaling with alignment options and PDF convert and reprint options (take care for the file size).


Start page for plans fixed.
Word and PDF files can be removed in the blocked document.
Displayment for Header, Title and Preliminary Remarks.
Layout change in the preview updated.
Bookmarks in the items (PDF) can be set correctly for the output.



Item list: You can create a list of all subsequent items. In addition to the item name and description, you can also enter further information for material and geometry. If possible, these values are also automatically assigned by the programs when the item is saved.
Building component: Several items can be summed up to a building component. In difference to sub-chapters building components are handled like items. Building components can be moved and are numbered like items.Is there for example an item 3.1 the building component behind it


Layout: Loading layout replaces identical variable parameter with different prefix.
Changes of content at variable parameter are assumed directly.
Fixed documents: Various additional changes now are available. At replaced external files the headline can be shown or hidden.
Table of content: All descriptions are lined up at the longest item name, if the item contains a description.
Page breaks are improved.



Layout structure:
Chapters and sub-chapters are available on several levels now.
If the item numbering is used, this is also indicated using the levels structure.
Placeholders for two more sub-chapters has been introduces for the page layout design.

Item properties:
An alternative page layout can be set for external files.
PDF file: A subsequent centric scaling is possible (DINA4 edge).
The scaling can be reduced to 50%. Vertical + Horizontal or Vertical only can be scaled.
Comments can be entered directly in the FDD.
New function for final page similar to the function like title page added.

More Features:
Additional layout templates.
PLT: User defined plan formats and A4 is possible.
Important: Documents in version 02/17 can not be opened with older versions.



New placeholders for page and plan layout.
Page numbering: Each item can start with page 1.
Comments can be open in the same time when the document is beeing edited.


The current page can be selected for the print.
Item names and description of new or changed items can be changed again within the current revision.
Empty chapters (with deselected items) can be counted and displayed in the table of contents.



A PLT based plan output is connected to the item directly. The plans are added to the end of item and can be opened from the column "P".


Integration of executable files was disabled.
Changes of chapter names immediately updates the chapter heading on the first page of the item.



Columns in the view position can be hidden. Additionally a column 'description' is available.
Fixing: For the PDF output, the document can be stored without eliminated items.


Availability as a demo version in the FCC.
Synchronize your structural documents with a single click directly on the iPad.


Hidden chapters are not taken into account when passing through pagination.
Chapter including all items can be deleted completely.
The description of items in auditing can be changed.
Items with blank pages > 999 are possible.
Deactivated numbering is considered correctly in the table of content (place in chapter).
In the revision located items can be reset to "active" again.



Layout settings: Page numbering can be disabled in the document properties.
Text offset can be set at the left margin. Graphics can be arranged in the center.
Replace and remove: Items can be replaced by an older item from the history and fixed items can be removed with identification in the table of contents.


When saving items with "save as" a changed item name in the table of contents is updated automatically.
Correction of additional page numbers with fixed document with präfix and suffix: A1-001.1b
In the table of contents, the length of the location name is taken into account.



Item properties: Name and description can be removed by key "Del" (empty item name not allowed anymore).



Items can be moved to empty chapters.



Teamviewer can be started by key "F8"



Instert of items corrected.



Problem with Drag & Drop from items on chapters fixed.
Scalability to 125% optimized.
Property window can be minimized.



Item properties can be edited directly.
You can edit properties of multiple items.
Layout settings have been revised - management of templates now via the Frilo.Control.Center - Extras.
You can insert toolbox items now directly.
External items can be exchanged directly (context menu item "Replace file").


Fixing of documents (description of fixing function):
The multi-stage fixing was enhanced. New items can be inserted at a freely selectable position.
External items can be replaced directly.
Optimisation of the "Set up new document" feature. External documents are not generated newly.
New marking of items without available calculation results.
Page header: text and graphic boxes can be placed accurately to the millimetre with the help of the arrow keys.
The date is updated when you change external documents.


The new version 1.3 of the iPAD App is now available.
Adjusted to iOS7. The editing of notes has been improved. Data are now also available in flight mode.


Document layout

A new heading level (heading 1) is available in the layout settings and can be adjusted in the font types. The heading level is successively worked in the individual output documents.


Document fixing

Fixing of documents can now be done on several levels.
For each revision, a new subscript a, b, c .... is added when items are changed.



Empty new projects with special settings can be re-opened.



The view settings are stored separately for items and documents and restored when re-opening the item or document in FDD.
Background processes have been optimised.
The hiding of headings was revised.
The project name is now displayed immediately in the header when a new document is set up.


Editing of items

The update of items was revised.
Inserting and moving of comments in an item (right click in the item tree) was revised.


A feature that checks whether the virtual Frilo printer is installed was implemented.
If word is active, edited documents are updated.
Empty spaces in output documents with tables have been optimised.
The list of contents is automatically updated when you activate the option "Count all pages".



Title page, contents and layout are synchronized properly.

Page layout

The title and contents page can be included in the page numbering (General settings).
Assignment of unique names to project templates
Highlighting and warning for font settings (layout) was revised.
Improvement of the font assignment if different font types are used.
Layout template of Booklet 504 Road Construction was implemented.


Direct insertion of comments in the items was revised.
When deleting a chapter, the included item are preserved in the document.
Update of documents was improved.
The page view settings of the previous session are restored when reopening the software application.
The function print or save as PDF is now available also in combination with several selected items.


Page layout

A page footer is now available for display too.
All font types are supported.
The page header was optimized.


The size of PDF files was reduced.
The output of coloured graphics in the project was implemented.



PDF documents of versions higher than 1.4 can be included.


The user can switch off formatting temporarily.
Texts over several pages are now handled correctly.