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Laminated veneer lumber LVL

Implementation of the general wood material laminated veneer lumber LVL-C and LVL-P.
The basis is the LVL information sheet published by the "Studiengemeinschaft Holzleimbau e.V." in September 2020.
Calculation for lamella direction upright/flat with uniaxial and biaxial load possible.

Load filter

Implementation of a new filter option for loads.
Improved display of existing action, simultaneous and alternative groups.
Interactive adjustment or assignment of loads.

English user interface

Complete translation of the programme into English.

Improved programme handling

Extended cross-section information in the graphic and in the document.
Definition of multi-part cross-sections in the menu item System.

General improvements

Optimisation of the transfer from DLT/HO7.
Automatic load adjustment when changing from 2-axis to 1-axis.
Output of the support forces is a analogue to the standard order.
Technical adjustments.


First Version

First release version of the new program