LWS+ | Wind and Snow Loads | Update Information



Calculation of the snow load at the height jump according to Fingerloos corrected.
Query regarding the tracking of standard values corrected.

Snow removal at height jump with b2<3m condition added.
Import of old LWS positions without climate zone improved.
Snow zones for Hinrichshagen, Weitenhagen, Diedrichshagen adjusted.
Note text for user-defined load values improved, if the values deviate from the standard value.
Improved reference text on design issues for snow on flat roofs with attica.

Inpermissible radii of curvature on flat roofs are intercepted.

Snow on PV systems according to OeNorm EN 1991-1-3
Issue repaired for flat roofs with parapet on one side



New snow load standard ÖNORM B 1991-1-3: 2018-12-01 implemented.


Internal wind pressure with flexible open walls (variable number)
- one-sided, two-sided, three-sided
In combination with different areas
- left, right, front, back



Standard: Modified snow load zones according to the administrative areas (July 2018, DIBt).
Inner wind pressure: Individual selection for number and direction of the openings.
Output: Alternative compact sketch output possible.


First Version

First release version of the program with new user interface.