Q2 | Cross Section Stress Analysis | Update Information


New: 64-bit platform of programme execution

All programme units in this version have been upgraded to 64-bit platform.



User interface adjusted


Changed standard output profile

The core areas are now switched off by default and can optionally be switched on in the profile.



Determination for the core areas is available now in the user interface and output (graphics and table).



Technical adjustment



The global origin of the coordinate system can now be set anywhere in the cross-section geometry by a new functionality of the interactive graphical input.



Extended interactive graphical input.



User Interface: Extended functionality alignment per edge implemented.
Output: The stress area can be defined with or without tension filling.


Addition for Output

(1) System graphic output was extended by the following options:
- global Cooredination system (y / z)
- shear axis (YS / ZS)
- main axis (I / II)
- dimensions
(2) The graph for calculating the exclusion of tensile strength
are available in the output with stress values in corners of the compression area as an option.



Stress results are displayed directly as tooltip.



Additonal output for the compression area from gaping joint based on excluded tensile strength.


Enhanced representation of stress in the cross section

From this software version on, the stress behaviour in the cross section is additionally illustrated in a stress zero line diagram in the graphical representation of the stress distribution.

Data entry in the local or the relative system of coordinates

(1) The user interface for the definition of the local system of coordinates was revised.
(2) For visual orientation and identification of the kind of system of coordinates, special symbols have been developed to mark the origin of the local and relative systems of coordinates.
(3) The symbols of the system of coordinates can be displayed above the graphic screen via:
Options --> Axis of coordinates -->Local or --> Relative
(4) The symbols for the control of the system of coordinates and its axes are displayed by default.


Upgrading of the output system graphics

The graphics of the system may be issued from this programme stand
with grid and auxiliary constructions.
This option is controlled by the output profile.
By default, the option is not active.

DXF-import, export-functionality

Access to the functionality for importing a DFX file for a help sheet, as well as export of the entire graphical representation in a DXF file is housed in the main selection screen of the program.


Extension of the text output

Additional tabular output of the coordinates, which is the label of the normal stresses in the graphic.

New presentation of the stress

The calculated stresses are optionally represented by colour gradient
within the contour of the cross-section.
The legend to the colour gradient with the corresponding stresses scale
is represented at the bottom of the graphic.


Modification to the inscription of the dimension chains

The inscription of all fields of the dimension chains occurs
from this program version accordingly of the units,
in the direct relation to the setting of the system unit.

Upgrading for the interactive processing of the load

Interactive selecting of the point loads standing about one another
is with the choice pop-up menu (listing of the selected loads)
been expanded. The listing of the selected point loads
it was implemented for the following functionality of the point load:
Treatment, moving, copying.

Modification to the graphic representation of the load

For the better legibility of the inscription of the loads standing about one another
(the same coordinate) become from this program version
up to 10 loads given in a coordinate side by side marks.

New functionality to the representation of the calculation results

The new display of the graphic representation for tensions of the cross section surface,
calculated to the exclusion of the tensile strength, is available from this program version.
Service for the display about new button to the circuit of the result kinds.

Import data of the program Q1

As of this program version data created by the program Q1
can be directly imported.
Access on the functionality: File --> import-->data from Q1-item


All-new edition of the program

The programme became in whole functionality
on the base interactive graphic reworks anew.

With the new version of the programme are able
To spend results to the calculation of several load cases

The data storage from the previous program is compatible with the new program.