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Wind and snow loads

For standard buildings, which comply with the code, an automatic generation of wind and snow loads is possible.The building contour is found automatically. The corresponding panels are created automatically and labeled appropriately.
The area loads from the different wind areas are placed on the panels of the building sides, taking into account the code, and are combined in load cases.
The line loads generated from the area loads can be converted into "normal" line loads and can then be freely edited.


A new finite elements method has been developed for generating the member loads from the area loads. The automatic meshing of the panels allows a load distribution for any surface and any load-bearing element.
The generated beam loads are created as constant or graded line loads. The load sums always correspond to the load sum of the area loads on the panel.
The specification of a uniaxial load direction can be easily considered.

Bearing on the bar or bar hoist

For special supports in different directions, bearings on the bar or on the bar hoist are possible. The input is done via the context menu of the bar.

Reinforced concrete

Design for shear force from shear force and torsion is now possible.

Output results

A new output list for output of stresses for all members is optionally included.

External document

The external document has been revised. Working with the external document saves memory and is very suitable for workstations with multiple screens. The setting is done via the program settings.


Pre Version

Pre-release version of the new program for a limited number of users.