SCN | Walls by Finite Elements | Update Information


New: Lightweight concrete

Lightweight concrete can now be selected as a material according to the standard with additional entry of the gross density.



Technical adjustments



Technical adjustments



Technical adjustments



Plan layout: A user-defined plane size can be set as a plan format now.
Improvement for the plan layout for single pages, header and sections.
Adjustment for the selected scale to the maximum possible scale in the output profile.



The interactive graphical input is extended for the input.



Design codes BS EN 1992:2015 and DIN EN 1992:2015 implemented.


The output for different paper sizes using the graphic printer is replaced by selecting a plan format. Graphics of a chosen plan format will now be taken together with graphics in standard format in the document. For the graphics in plan format a seperate plan header can be defined and stored as a project property.
Output settings are harmonized with the settings of PLT.



Technical adjustment



The settings of the contour lines can now deal with a limit of 0 in case of As1.


Units line support

The units of boundary conditions changed from "kN/m" to "kN/m per m".


New Version of the National Annex for United Kingdom and Germany implemented:
BS EN 1992:2009 and DIN EN 1992:2013.


Output profile

Clarity was considerably improved. Moreover, the results can optionally put out together with the auxiliary geometry or the Dxf-slide. The newly available "Minimum profile" option generates an elementary output scope that can be customized as required.

Results with level lines

The user can optionally label level lines directly and/or put them out with the legend.


Demo Version

would not start, fixed


Result Grid

The reinforcement results can now be displayed as values per result cell.

New Design Codes

- EN 1992-1-1:2004/AC:2010 (w/o national annex)
- PN-EN 1992-1-1:2008/NA:2010
- ÖNorm B 1992-1-1:2011-12-01


Formatting and Layout

The layout of text output was upgraded to the new capabilities of the FDD Frilo.Document. Designer.

Graphical View of Support Reactions

The display of results is now individually scalable.


ASF Files for Allplan

Some errors in exporting results into the ASF file were fixed.

Import of SC7 Items

Items of SC7 can now be imported directly.


Printing Settings

The results of the "characteristic" superposition can now be selected independently of the other combinations. For this purpose, there is an additional column in almost all tables.
In order to have the results of the characteristic superposition printed, checkmarks have to be set on the page "Superpositions" and with the individual results in column "Characteristic" as well.

Results in Grid View

In grid view, the design locations of the FE elements are displayed if the new button "Show design points" on the icon bar of the grid results is pressed. Depending on what was selected, those locations are either the midpoints of the element sides, the element vertices, or the centers of the elements.
In addition, the values to each location are shown if the button "show values" of the general icon bar is pressed.

Results as Contour Graphs

The program now displays the value of any contour line as tooltip at the position of the mouse cursor if the button "show values" of the general icon bar is pressed.

The contour lines are now configurable: lower and upper limit and the number of lines.
The line patterns were considerably improved to make it easier to distinguish the individual lines.

New European Design Code

UNI EN 1992-1-1/NTC:2008



Loads that were defined directly at rigid suppurt points might have been not included with the support reactions.



The recent way of mesh generation included both system geometry and loads of all loadcases. In cases of numerous loads it was frequently impossible to find a common mesh. As of this version the new mesh generation regards only the system geometry (in analogy to the plate program PLT). In comparison the meshs are different from the previous version which is reflected by slightly varying results.

Printing Support Reactions

In the absence of any point support, the dialog of the output settings would block all support reactions from being selected; fixed.



SCN is a newly developed program that enables the computation of any panel or deep-beam member based on the method of finite elements. It replaces the present program SC7.

SCN uses the highly efficient interactive user interface that also ensures the optimal performance of programs such as "GEO - The Building Model" or "PLT - Plates by Finite Elements". The extensive functionality enables the quick and straightforward handling of complex slab structures.


Development Version

This version was a FRILO in-house development version.