A strong foundation

Foundation engineering includes all activities related to the planning, calculation, implementation and securing of soil for construction purposes This is because foundation engineers ensure that the subsoil on which buildings or traffic routes are erected is load-bearing. In addition to soil mechanics, investigations and work on the subsoil, subsoil improvements, excavations, embankments, foundations (e.g. pile foundations), stress and settlement calculations, the determination of earth pressure, all relate to foundation engineering.


Therefore, our current foundation engineering portfolio includes ten solutions that can be used, among other things, to perform ground failure and slope failure verifications. Calculations of elastically supported beams, basement walls, angular retaining walls and pile foundations can be performed as well as settlement and earth pressure calculations. In addition, there are five programs that allow the design of different types of foundations. The product range is enhanced by 64 special solutions of the two product ranges DC Soil Mechanics and DC Foundation Engineering from DC-Software.

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