Notes on the release download

Complete installation of all FRILO programs

Installation workflow

Your computer should be connected to the Internet for the download of the software and for the subsequent installation.

First, download the FSO-Frilo.Software basic installation package.

When the basic installation is complete, all other required program files will be downloaded and installed.

If you would like to install the complete program package on a computer with no internet connection, you can ask for a delivery via USB stick.


Does the download replace a delivery of the software on a USB stick?

Yes, the release that you download includes the latest version of the software.

If you install the release on a new computer, only a valid license file is needed.

Usually, you receive your license file per e-mail. You can also request an activation per telephone if you have an SSC (Software Service Contract).

If you do not have a valid license, the software only runs in trial mode.