Software Service Contract

Customers having concluded a Software Service Contract (SSC) will always automatically receive the current release with the latest program versions.

Updates will only be installed after you have given your consent, of course.
You can return to the previous relase any time by simply clicking on it.



The Software Service Contract entitles you to a preferrential discount of 10% to 40% (depending on the SSC volume) when buying additional programs, see the price list.

Discounts are also granted for FRILO training courses.

Furthermore, highly competent hotline support via telephone, e-mail or internet is available to you free of charge.

We will be pleased to inform you about this service at +49 711-81 00 20.


Your SSC benefits

  • Always the latest program versions
  • Free hotline support
  • Discount on new programs
  • Discount on package prices
  • Discount on FRILO trainings
  • Free updates