Your first port of call

The FRILO Hotline

At FRILO, we aim to offer our customers the best possible support. That is why our qualified support engineers are available to provide you with competent and attentive advice and assistance, even in tricky matters. Our service is characterized by the fact that it is not only dedicated to your inquiries regarding the operation of our programs, but also helps you with complex, static challenges. Thanks to the concentrated expertise of our colleagues, your questions can be answered to your satisfaction. In addition, we listen to you carefully in order to incorporate your suggestions into the development of the FRILO programs, if necessary. In this way, we succeed in continuously developing the software solutions in line with your needs.

We are here for you!

Always a sympathetic ear

I have to absolutely praise FRILO's hotline service. Even as an occasional user, I have the answer to my open questions in my mailbox the next morning at the latest.

Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Walter Muck

The hotline is the heart of FRILO support. Here, our qualified support engineers await your questions to support you in your everyday work. The telephone consultation provides you with a direct line to our colleagues and a prompt and promising clarification of your inquiries.


You have a Software Service Agreement or have licensed our programs by subscription? Then there are no costs for telephone consulting for your projects. For customers without a software service contract, the new purchase of a program includes the free hotline for the purchased license for six months. However, the purchase of an update does not entitle you to the free service.

Contact and operating hours


E support.frilo(at)
T +49 711 81002-0


Monday till Friday:
08.30 am till 12.00 pm
01.00 pm till 05.00 pm

Web request

You have little time? Then we have an efficient solution for you! Without having to wait on the phone, you can submit your individual questions directly via the software in the menu item Help > Support Request. So that our support engineers can help you as quickly and concretely as possible, you can also send attachments, screenshots or the currently open position. This makes it much easier for us to respond to your request and at the same time allows for quick feedback. Practical hints are also stored in the online help of each program. To activate it, simply press the F1 key in the software.

Remote maintenance

Sometimes a problem can be so cumbersome that it’s hard to put into words. Wouldn’t it then be ingenious to simply demonstrate the problem visually? In our remote maintenance, our support engineers act true to the motto: Four eyes see more than two! Using TeamViewer, you give us the opportunity to work together with you directly on one screen. The tool is the practical all-in-one solution needed for goal-oriented communication and collaboration with you.

Click here to download TeamViewer.

Be prepared!

You want us to work efficiently on your request? Then it is best to prepare best to prepare for the conversation and have the following information ready:

  • Customer number
  • Operating system
  • Program version
  • What happened before the problem occurred? (e.g. update, Configuration changes)

Otherwise, you can also conveniently find the most frequently asked questions and answers in our FAQ section. Feel free to drop by!

Thank you for your enquiry!

The merger of FRILO Software GmbH and DC-Software GmbH with ALLPLAN, completed and announced on 1 July, is leading to an increased volume of telephone and e-mail inquiries. In addition, necessary maintenance work in our CRM and ERP systems is causing temporary irregularities and delays in our operating processes. We, therefore, ask you to forgive us for the longer waiting times. We will endeavor to process your request as quickly as possible.

Thank you for your understanding.