Building sustainably & ecologically

As hardly any other building material, timber fosters ecological, sustainable and resource-saving construction. This is why timber has the potential to reasonably address current challenges such as the climate change and the scarcity of resources. As cities continue to grow and densify, timber is becoming increasingly popular as a building material in the urban environment among architects, structural engineers and builders.


For this reason, we continuously maintain our timber & roof product range and further develop it in line with upcoming trends. Our current portfolio includes 16 timber construction programs and add ons that provide you with a wealth of calculation and verification methods for various types of timber beams, timber columns as well as panelled timber walls. In addition, we offer a number of solutions that perform special detailed verifications. The product range is supplemented by 6 roof programs for the calculation and design of house roofs with traditional constructions made of timber. Special toolboxes round off the portfolio.