Basic installation of the software

With the installation of the FRILO software you create the working basis for your static
calculations. That is why we always provide you with the current version of our software here.
Your customer number and the postal code are all you need for the download.

Release version 2024-1

You are a customer and would like to perform the basic installation of the FRILO software or update your software version to the current release level? Then simply download the installation file.
Read more about the latest innovations in our Update News 2024-1.

Installation procedure

You need an Internet connection to download the installation file and then set up the software on your PC. With the basic installation, all required program files are installed in the current software version. If you want to install your program package on a computer without an Internet connection, you can request delivery via USB stick. Learn everything important about the installation and your first steps with the FRILO software in our manual.