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Licensing of the FRILO software

You are interested in the FRILO software and would now like to learn more about the various licensing options? The software license is a usage agreement between you as the end user and FRILO as the software manufacturer. The license defines how you as a user may use the software. Depending on the type of licensing, the individual terms of use are regulated down to the last detail. Whether you are a single user, work in an open-plan office or want to use the software offline – we have the right concept for your needs!

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Delivery & Activation

The license is usually sent to you by e-mail. A delivery on USB stick by mail with costs can be requested if required. To activate a license, call up the configuration in the FRILO software and click on the Licenses tab. You can simply drag and drop your license into the license window or select it using the Search License button. Existing licenses are archived, so you can access old licenses at any time. You can use the License Manager to manage your licenses.

various licensing options

This is how licensing works

In principle, a license for each active workstation is required for the use of the FRILO program system. The installation of the software can be executed on any number of workstations. A workstation becomes active only when the FRILO Control Center (FCC) management program is started. The available number of active workstations is determined by the maximum number of licenses for one of the FRILO programs included in the license. With the web license, the computer license and the license stick, three license options are available.

Web license

The web licence is the most common licensing option for the FRILO software. With a floating licence, the software can be installed and used on any number of computers within an office. Unlike a standard licence, the floating licence can therefore not only be used exclusively by a specific user, but can also be shared within a group of users. However, it should be noted that a floating licence only allows several users to access the software at different times, i.e. if the FRILO software is currently in use, it must wait until the user has finished his work and thus releases the software again. For simultaneous access to the software by users, two or more licences must be available.

Maximum flexibility

The web licence is not exclusively limited to one computer, but can be shared within an office.

Large user base

The programs can therefore be used by an unlimited number of users, independent of computer and location.

Cost advantage

Because fewer licences are needed for your company as a result, there is a cost advantage.

Computer license

At FRILO you have the possibility to license a specific computer. This type of licensing allows the use of all programs that are assigned to this computer. You also have the option here to install only selected programs on the computer of choice. The list of unlocked programs may vary from computer to computer.

When does a computer license pay off?

The computer license allows you to use all programs that are assigned to a corresponding computer offline. Especially in case of a clear division of work within an office, this variant can be recommended. In addition, you can work in the FRILO software without an Internet connection.

License stick (dongle)

You have the option to register any commercially available USB stick as a license stick. The activation (and deactivation) of a stick is done via the Internet. The activation of a FRILO stick can be revoked at any time and transferred to another USB stick. If you connect the USB stick to a computer, then the programs that you have assigned to the license stick are available to you.

When does a license stick pay off?

In contrast to the computer license, with the license stick you are not limited to one computer and can act more flexibly. As with the computer license, you make your work independent of an Internet connection.

What happens in case of an Internet outage?

Despite a possible interruption of the online connection from your own computer to the FRILO license server, the use of the programs is enabled for a certain period of time even if the Internet connection fails.