Work more efficiently

Our supporting tools

In your daily work with FRILO, challenges can arise again and again. To help you work as efficiently as possible, we have put together a few useful tools and applications that can make your everyday work easier. From the installation, to the condition of the programs, to the collaboration with external project participants – we have the right tip ready.

TeamViewer Quick-Support

Via remote maintenance with TeamViewer, our hotline can help you quickly and easily with a problem. Together we can work directly on your screen. TeamViewer is called up by pressing the F8 function key after being requested to do so by our hotline staff.
To download TeamViewer you can click to here.


With a central project management, all employees can access and edit projects in the network. If several employees are to be able to access the project database from different computers, the project management must be installed on a central network server. This can be a standard PC. The server software Firebird is required for network operation. This can be downloaded here from our homepage: FRILOAdminFirebird. The FRILOAdminFirebird program is used to automatically configure the Firebird server on a central computer. .

Silent Installation

The Silent Installation is an “unattended” installation, where you do not have to make any entries, in contrast to the normal (Windows) installation. This allows you to perform an installation on different computers without having to actively operate the respective computer. This not only saves time, but also allows you to work from any location. For this type of installation you need the following zip-file.

Building OpenGL Viewer

You work in your engineering office with other project participants such as architects or building owners and they do not have access to the building? With the Building OpenGL Viewer those people have the possibility to view the 3D graphics from our software solutions Slabs by Finite Elements PLT and the Building Model GEO.


In the OpenGL representation of these two programs, you can save the graphic as a file with the extension bigl (Building Interface to Graphical Library). With the viewer, other project participants can then view the desired file without any problems. All you have to do is drag the file into the Viewer window. You can find a bigl file for testing here.


If the viewer does not start on Windows, please download and install the Microsoft Redistributable Packages. Here you can find the direct link to the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studi 2017 (64bit version).