Strut-and-Tie Model Reinforced Concrete


The BSM+ program generates strut-and-tie models for the design of reinforced concrete components. Right-angled structures with any number of re-entrant corners as well as recesses can be calculated. In the first version of the programme, the focus is on generating stiffness-optimised strut-and-tie models with a given component geometry and load.

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  • Entry of right-angled structures
  • Thin plates (walls) with openings
  • Most variable concentrated supports with rigid or free supporting conditions
  • Vertical and horizontal loads from concentrated loads
  • Internal conversion of line loads and trapezoidal loads into resulting concentrated loads

Concrete of all strength classes (C 12/15 to C 90/105) specified by the standard

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DIN EN 1995:2013

Basis of calculation

The basis of the calculation is a topology optimisation algorithm based on the so-called ground structure method. This method consists in finding a maximally stiff frame with as few members as possible.

Verification/quality criteria

Verification of the following quality criteria in the determination process of the strut-and-tie model:

  • Crossing compression struts – in this case the strut-and-tie model becomes invalid
  • Verification of acute angles between compression and tension struts according to the strut-and-tie modelling theory by Schlaich/Schäfer

In the current version, the design and the reinforcement layout are not available yet. All member forces with the resulting horizontal and vertical load components can be put out.

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